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DA buys votes with bread

17 May 2011

The African National Congress is shocked at how low the Democratic Alliance has stooped in its election campaign. The party today bought loaves of bread for poor people in order to lure them as they were going to cast their votes in Riverlea and Stellenbosch. This we view as an act of desperation by a party that has run out of ideas to attract voters, who evidently were not deceived by the fictional “Cape Town story”.

By believing that poor people’s votes can be bought with a loaf of bread, the DA has further exposed how little it regards our people. This is denigrating and illustrative of a party that has no touch with the real interests and aspirations of the majority of our people.

However, our people are not that gullible to be bought by loaves of bread. They fully understand that their right to vote was brought about through many painful sacrifices and this will remain indelible in their memories. The ANC has lodged a complaint with the IEC to investigate this unacceptable act, which we believe is in violation of the electoral laws.

Issued by
African National Congress

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