South African’s National Liberation Movement

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National Consultative Conference


Report of the Commission on Finance, Logistics and Projects

17 June 1985

The Commission noted and emphasises the importance of the Office of the Treasurer General as the financial machinery which services and facilitates all the activities of the Movement.

The Commission considered the Treasurer General`s report, on which they based their deliberations. The areas of discussion covered included the following: Finance, Logistics, Transport, Projects and Personnel.

  1. Finance

The Commission assessed the abridged Balance Sheet and noted that this reflected the total assets of the entire Movement as at 31st December 1983.

The Commission recommends the need for decentralisation of authority within the Office of the Treasurer General in matters of administration to facilitate the day-to-day running of its departments (Finance, Logistics, Transport and Projects).

  1. Finance Committees:

The examination of the functioning of the Regional Finance Committees by the Commission revealed that in some regions there were difficulties relating to their understanding of their mandate viz-a-viz their chief representatives regarding their accountability;

The Commission recommends that all communication with the regions, including matters dealing with Finance Committees, must be through the chief representatives. In order to promote the smooth functioning of the affairs of the ANC in the region, the chief representative must be an ex-officio member of the Finance Committee.

The Commission further recommends that there should be a separation of function of the regional treasurer and the treasury officer of the fund of Headquarters.

  1. Air Travel:

The Commission noted the reference made by the Treasurer General to the excessive air travel costs incurred by the organisation. In order to reduce these high costs to the organisation, the Commission recommends that the following measures be taken:

  • A member of the NEC be assigned the special responsibility of examining all air travel requisitions to ensure that the proposed travel is necessary or least expensive. * Only upon the authorisation of this NEC member, should the purchase of a ticket be effected.
  • As a measure of expenditure control, the Commission recommends that each department be required to submit a yearly budget covering their total expenditure costs, including air travel.
  1. Fund Raising:

The Commission considered the Treasurer General` s report on fund raising and accepted the proposal to set up Regional Fund Raising Committees in all areas where our people are. The Commission further stressed that these committees be accountable to the chief representative .

  • All fund raising committees should be encouraged to take full advantage of the Amandla Cultural Ensemble .
  • The ANC film unit`s potential for fund raising to be fully utilised.

With regard to the proposal to tax our people for the purpose of furthering our struggle, it was agreed that our working membership be required to pay a levy of a minimum of 10% of their monthly income and that all South Africans be urged to contribute generously.

The Commission, having noted the importance of UN agencies as a source of funding, recommends that the Movement places personnel in these important agencies for the specific purpose of obtaining expert information regarding the functioning of these bodies and the channelling of the applications of the Movement to the appropriate organs of the United Nations.

The Commission, having further noted the absence of the Movement`s representation in the Arab States where vast potential of funding exists, recommends the appointment of a representative to the region.

The Commission endorses the Treasurer General`s proposal that a Seminar be held in September 1985 to draw up a five-year fund raising programme.

It was suggested from the floor that comrades who are working for internal should find out the possibilities of how to raise funds from within our country. It was also proposed that fund raising committees be set up in all ANC regions.

  1. Logistics

The Commission noted with appreciation the efforts of the Treasurer General`s Office to acquire the necessary material requirements for our general membership. It further expressed its appreciation for efforts made to improve the reception, handling and storage of consignments received.

The Commission noted with grave concern the rampant thieving that has assumed epidemic proportions within our ranks and recommends that the following measures be taken:

  • A system of control be set up to effectively monitor the process of goods from reception to storage.
  • Systematic politicisation of our general membership aimed at promoting a correct attitude of respect towards the property of the Movement.
  • Immediate action to be taken against those offenders based on our Code of Conduct.

It was suggested from the floor that a logistics department be set up in every ANC region. A recommendation from the floor stated that the logistics department be staffed by properly trained comrades.

  1. Transport

The Commission endorsed the Treasurer General`s proposal that a transport policy be clearly defined that will govern purchase, distribution and use.

In view of the long-standing policy of the organisation, calling on the international community to boycott South Africa goods, the Commission strongly recommends that the practice of purchasing vehicles from South African in Botswana be discontinued in favour of other alternatives.

The Commission recommends that all offices and departments indicate to the Treasurer General`s Office their bi-annual transport needs and stressed the need for the Treasury to impress upon all departments that they take care of their vehicles to make them last a minimum two-year period.

Having examined problems relating to the use of transport, the Commission recommends that a pooling system be introduced covering all vehicles except those of the President, Secretary General, Treasurer General and sensitive departments.

In the absence of the three officials, the relevant clauses of the Code of Conduct of Transport relating to the use of vehicles assigned to them be strictly enforced.

In order to ensure the efficient operation of this pooling system, the Commission recommends:

  • That the organisation invites a specialist in transport management to advise on the appropriate system for our needs.
  • That suitable candidate(s) be identified and sent for training in transport management.
  • That a Code of Conduct governing the use of transport be drawn up.

A suggestion from the floor had it that, since experience has shown that male drivers in the ANC tend to get involved in too many car accidents, the Movement should shift to training and using female drivers.

  1. Projects

Realising the importance of projects in mobilising public support and international opinion in support of our liberation struggle as well as their fund-generating capacity, the Commission recommends that the membership be fully informed about these projects in order to ensure their participation in their development.

Once a decision has been taken on the need for a project, the Commission stressed the importance of a systematic approach to its implementation, which should include the forecasting of the manpower needs for its successful realisation.

In particular the Commission calls upon the Movement to immediately embark on the selection of suitable candidates for appropriate training to ensure that the vocational training centres in Vianna and Dakawa will be managed by our people.

After examining the various projects, the Commission came to the following conclusion:

  • All ANC projects must have maximum participation of ANC members.
  • No ANC project should be used as a punishment centre.
  • While noting that various departments may send their personnel to the different projects, it should be emphasised that once there, they fall under the routine and discipline of the project administration.
  • Efforts should be made to ensure that opportunities for on-the job training are provided.

All production projects must be organised to generate profits. The Commission was not unanimous about incentives being paid to our cadres working on our projects. It was left for Conference to resolve

It was strongly suggested that ANC personnel/members should play an active role in our projects and not depend on local people to work on our projects.

  1. Personnel

The Commission noted the Treasurer General`s call for increased personnel in his Office.

The following were identified as priority areas:

  • The appointment of a team of qualified auditors.
  • The training and appointment of accountants to perform various functions in the Office of the Treasurer General.
  • The appointment of regional treasurers, particularly in the Scandinavian countries, France, Federal Republic of Germany, Belgium, Canada, India etc.
  • The immediate training of artisans, particularly in building, carpentry, plumbing, cobblery and the electrical field, and other urgently required vocational skills.

The Commission recommends that the organisation takes steps to ensure that the manpower needs are met.

A suggestion from the floor stressed the need for training personnel in the fields of accountancy, book keeping etc. It was recommended and accepted that the Office of the Auditor General be established, which will function independently from the Treasury Department.

It was also suggested from the floor that the Treasurer General should have an assistant.

  1. General

On buying wedding rings for couples, it was decided that it should be left to the incoming NEC whether this tradition should continue or not – it was further stressed that the Movement should adopt a uniform, standard norm of handling weddings.

It was suggested from the floor that the Treasury Department should come in to help finance the Amandla tours where prospective hosts are not able to do so alone.

It was suggested by a delegate that the cause of thieving of ANC goods and property by ANC members be identified and corrected.

Comrades undergoing punishment should be utilised and made to be productive.