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Media Statement


Here lie the mortal remains of a hero of the masses of our people, whose life was cut short by forces bent on preserving white supremacy on the eve of our democratic breakthrough.

Comrade Martin Thembisile Chris Hani was born on 28 June 1942 and died on the 10 April 1993. As the Chief of Staff of Umkhonto We Sizwe, Cde Chris Hani led the armed wing of the ANC formed in conjunction with the SACP which is a noble act that must be amplified against the lies currently being told about the formation of the MK.

For those who wish to re-write history, they must go and read what Nelson Mandela said in his own defence at the dock during the Rivonia Trial on the origins of the MK as a formation of the ANC and the SACP.

Cde Chris Hani would have been proud of the continued unity of the alliance as a united front to advance the National Democratic Revolution. The unity of purpose in the Alliance to attain economic freedom and unconditional support for an ANC electoral victory would have been amongst the programmes Chris Hani would have advanced and championed.

And of course he would not have been happy with the fragmentation of the working class through creation of parallel trade union federations which has potential to give space to counter revolution forces, we see today.

The intent of his assassination was to derail the negotiations process and unleash a bloody civil conflict, but to the disappointments of the reactionary and right wing forces, instead his death became a catalyst towards agreeing on an elections date and accelerating democratic revolution which they sought to subvert.

Cde Chris Hani’s murder was therefore a calculated move to undermine the National Democratic Revolution and plunge the country into a civil war and disrupt the dawn of democracy with unprecedented chaos.
Cde Chris Hani would therefore be shocked and disappointed to know that some today have elected to dispute the historical fact that the MK was formed by the ANC and the SACP as an armed wing of the ANC.

Cde Chris Hani would be shocked that a former ANC leader who was given an opportunity of two terms to lead as ANC President and by extension as the President of our country, later betrayed the revolution!
There is no doubt that Cde Chris Hani would have been a worthy and corrupt free Presidential candidate of the movement. Cde Chris Hani would have instead left a legacy as President that all of us would have been proud of as a leader of the ANC and government, as opposed to the current legacy of the State Capture rot.

Cde Chris Hani’s death robbed the ANC, the SACP and the country at large of a leader who would have helped improve the living conditions of all our people. Cde Chris Hani’s death robbed COSATU, SANCO and the broader civic movement of a dependable ally on their various labour and socio-economic struggles.
Cde Chris Hani was the epitome of revolutionary morality, whose heart and mind were always one with the toiling masses of our people.

Cde Chris Hani would have undoubtedly appreciated the gravity of domestic and international challenges arrayed against our national transformation agenda and would have provided ideological and political clarity on how to navigate them.

Cde Chris would have lauded the track record on social transformation which has seen strides on universal access to health, access to basic education through fee free schools, access to higher education through NSFAS which has helped break the vicious cycle of poverty amongst many families, social grants for children and the elderly as well as the unemployed. Cde Chris Hani would have been proud of the record on access to electricity, water, infrastructure and provision of houses for the poor.

As a communist and disciplined cadre of the movement, Cde Chris Hani would have been proud of the labour laws we have passed affirming the rights of workers including basic income grants for domestic workers. Amongst such laws are those pertaining to Affirmative Action through Employment Equity.

Cde Chris Hani would have defended our stance on B-BBEE and the Mining Charter amongst the legislations that have seen setbacks by parties opposed to our national transformation agenda by right wing forces.
Cde Chris would have been proud of our implementation of the Freedom Charter, including ensuring that all minerals beneath the soil are now under the custodianship of the State on behalf of the people as a whole, through the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act (MPRDA) of 2002.

On the international scene, Cde Chris would have been a political advocate for a political programme to oppose the imperialist regime change agendas amongst which saw the invasion of Libya leaving behind chaos and socio- economic instability.

Cde Chris would have fully supported the ANC’s stance on the Gaza genocide which led to bringing the Zionist Israel regime to book by accounting at the International Court of Justice.

Cde Chris would have fully supported the ANC and SACP stance against the Cuban blockade, the freedom of the people of Western Sahara, peace enforcement in the DRC, the celebration of South Sudan of their democratic breakthrough last weekend and democratisation in eSwatini. He would have supported our work in fighting terrorism in northern Mozambique.

Comrade Chris Hani would have condemned imperialism and neo-colonialism, which causes destabilisation of nation-States as pretext to render them illegitimate amongst the masses of the people resulting in regime change. And of course, Cde Chris Hani would have fully supported our role within BRICS and its expansion as a progressive platform to counter imperialism and advance the cause of the South.

Even as a retired leader, he would have joined the likes of ANC President Thabo Mbeki, former ANC Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe and a score of other veterans in campaigning for an ANC electoral victory. And of course, like all the veterans of our movement, he would have remained the moral compass of our revolutionary struggle.

As we campaign for the renewal of our democratic mandate, we are inspired by Cde Chris Hani in pursuing the six manifesto priorities of:

  1. A Jobs Plan to put South Africans to Work

  2. Industrialisation, expanding infrastructure to grow an inclusive economy.

  3. Tackling Cost of Living, provide Income support.

  4. Invest in People and Meet basic Needs.

  5. Defend Democracy and Advance Freedom

  6. Build a better Africa and World

As I conclude, we re-iterate our support on the call that no stone must be left unturned until the full truth is revealed behind the assassination of Cde Chris Hani.

In his name we remain committed to an outright electoral victory so that we do not face the trappings of coalitions whose track record here in Ekurhuleni and elsewhere is nothing but poor service delivery.

All our leaders, volunteers and supporters can draw strength that Chris Hani would have urged them in line with our slogan: “Let’s do more, together!” towards a decisive ANC electoral victory as we defend the gains of our democracy.

Aluta continua! Victory is certain!



Mahlengi Bhengu-Motsiri


Martina Della Togna
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Mothusi Shupinyane Ka Ndaba
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