African National Congress


MYANC: We are determined that those found guilty of corruption or involvement in state capture will not be allowed to occupy positions of responsibility, either in the ANC, in Parliament or in government. ANC President, Comrade @CyrilRamaphosa #GrowSouth

MYANC: We will fight with every means at our disposal to ensure that those who occupy positions of authority serve only the public interest. ANC President, Comrade @CyrilRamaphosa #GrowSouthAfrica #ANCsiyanqoba #SiyanqobaRally

MYANC: It is why the ANC will build a million houses over the next five years, and ensure that more work opportunities are provided closer to where people live. ANC President, Comrade @CyrilRamaphosa #GrowSouthAfrica #ANCsiyanqoba #SiyanqobaRally https:

MYANC: SIYANQOBA RALLY ANC PRESIDENT SPEAKS: "Working with the broader women and gender movement, we will continue to take practical steps to advance women's emancipation." #GrowSouthAfrica #ANCSiyanqoba #VoteANC