African National Congress


MYANC: And so it falls to all of us - leaders, members, veterans, supporters - to do everything within our means not only to ensure that the ANC lives, but that it thrives and it grows and that it endures as a powerful instrument for peace and freedom -Pr

MYANC: #BeTheRenewal We recall the memorable words that Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela spoke at the funeral of OR Tambo, when he said: "I say that Oliver Tambo has not died, because the ideals for which he sacrificed his life can never die. - President

MYANC: President #Ramaphosa - Our renewal must therefore be an ideological renewal so that we may understand both the national and the class content of our struggle, and so that the policies and programmes we adopt are informed by this reality #BeTheRenew

MYANC: #BeTheRenewal We must be an organisation that values knowledge, expertise and experience - and that invests in the development of its cadres. It is through these actions that we will restore the credibility of the ANC among the people - President

MYANC: #BeTheRenewal It means that we need to draw into our ranks the most committed and the most principled within society. We must develop cadres that have both political and technical skills, that can organise, can theorise and can act - President #R

MYANC: #BeTheRenewal We should no longer be prepared to defend the indefensible. For far too long we have been prepared to close ranks and protect comrades who have done wrong. This must now come to an end. - President #Ramaphosa #Morogoro50

MYANC: President #Ramaphosa - The Morogoro Conference was made possible by the support and solidarity of the government and people of Tanzania, just as our freedom was made possible by the tireless and selfless contributions of people from many countries