African National Congress


MYANC: President #Ramaphosa - Yet, although we have made clear progress, the task of renewal is far from complete. There is a growing sense in some quarters that the process has stalled and that there are vested interests seeking to resist it. #BeTheRen

MYANC: President #Ramaphosa - Now, 50 years later, the African National Congress finds itself at another such moment. True to the mandate of the 54th National Conference, we have been engaged in a concerted effort to unify the organisation &&#039

MYANC: President #Ramaphosa - The Strategy & Tactics document provided clear direction to all within the movement on their respective responsibilities and on the theoretical basis that informed the actions and activities of the ANC #BeTheRenewal

MYANC: President #Ramaphosa - We recall these pivotal events in our past so we may better understand challenges & opportunities of the present, and that we may work together to achieve a better future. It gives us a tool to critically examine the