African National Congress


MYANC: Our President, Comrade @CyrilRamaphosa with the ANC Officials at the overflow area at JOHANNESBURG STADIUM. The President just concluded his address at our Siyanqoba Rally #ANCSiyanqoba #SiyanqobaRally #GrowSouthAfrica

MYANC: We will fight with every means at our disposal to ensure that those who occupy positions of authority serve only the public interest. ANC President, Comrade @CyrilRamaphosa #GrowSouthAfrica #ANCsiyanqoba #SiyanqobaRally

MYANC: It is why the ANC will build a million houses over the next five years, and ensure that more work opportunities are provided closer to where people live. ANC President, Comrade @CyrilRamaphosa #GrowSouthAfrica #ANCsiyanqoba #SiyanqobaRally https: