African National Congress


MYANC: #ANCDSG: The ANC is worried about farm workers in the Western Cape. We are for the poor, we are committed to creating jobs for our people and building them houses. We are stabilizing the energy grid in our country. #VoteANC08May2019 #GrowSouthAfric

MYANC: #ANCDSG: together with the SG of the ANCWL, cde Meokgo Motuba and the cde Alvin Botes, NEC member welcoming 300 members from the DA to the ANC at Khayamandi, Stellenbosch. These members say they are tired of the DA and are coming back home. #VoteAN

MYANC: #ANCDSG: On the O8th of May, Ballot 1: Vote ANC, Ballot 2: Vote ANC. The change will brought by the ANC in this province and there will be no coalition, ANC will do it alone. The time has come for us to vote ANC. #GrowSouthAfrica #VoteANC08May2019

MYANC: Mama Phezile Sibindi from Khayelitsha thanking the ANC government for building a house for her in 1996 when the ANC was still in power in the Western Cape and asking the ANC to continue building houses for others. #VoteANC08May2019 #GrowSouthAfrica

MYANC: #ANCDSG: making her mark on the Freedom portrait by Adenaan Esmael, that explains that after every difficulty there comes freedom.The portrait has a mark of different individuals who believes in freedom. #OpeningofRamadaanForAll #GrowSouthAfrica #V