South African’s National Liberation Movement

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Sephadi is the voice of the ANC in Parliament. ANC MPs have struggled to transform an unrepresentative, obscure and rubber-stamp institution for passing apartheid laws.

The ANC’s vision is of a parliament that belongs to the people. A parliament of elected representatives who must pass progressive laws, oversee the work of government to remain in dynamic contact with our communities. Parliament must be a forum that encourages public participation. Sephadi will be a channel of communication for the ANC Caucus, Study Groups, and all other operations of the ANC in Parliament.

This publication is distributed quarterly in the hope that ANC MPs will find it useful for report-back purposes in their constituencies.

Sephadi Publication

1st Edition  July 2021
Issue No.6  November 2003
Issue No.5 June 2003
Issue No.4 February 2003
Issue No.3 November 2002
Issue No.2 September 2002
Issue No.1 26 June 2002