South African’s National Liberation Movement

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National Consultative Conference​

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Messages of support for the National Consultative Conference

14 December 1990

The ANC is grateful to the following organisations for their warm messages of support. Unfortunately, space does not allow us to reproduce the messages.

  • South African Communist Party
  • Congress of South African Trade Unions
  • United Democratic Front
  • ANC Youth League Task Force
  • ANC Women`s League Task Force
  • South African National Students Congress
  • National Union of South African Students
  • National Council of Trade Unions
  • Pan-Africanist Congress
  • Workers Organisation of South Africa
  • Azanian People`s Organisation
  • Unity Movement
  • Basutho National Party – Lesotho
  • Liberal and Radical Youth – Sweden
  • Social Democratic Youth of Sweden
  • The National Council of Swedish Youth
  • Praktisk Solidaritet – Sweden
  • Swedish National Union of State Employees
  • Thapperska School of Nursing – Sweden
  • Swedish Municipal Workers` Union
  • The Isolate South Africa Committee and the Africa Groups of Sweden
  • Swedish Liberal Party
  • Anti-Apartheid-Bewegung – Germany
  • National Union of Rail, Maritime & Transport Workers – London
  • Soviet Afro-Asian Solidarity Committee – Moscow
  • NASUWT, The Career Teachers` Organisation – London
  • The General Council of the Trades Union Congress – London
  • British Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa
  • The Canon Collins Educational Trust for Southern Africa