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ANC Statements


The ANC joins the global progressive forces in expressing deep concern about the rapid escalation of conflict between Russia and Ukraine especially against the backdrop of eight years persistent shelling of Donetsk and Lugansk. It is further appalled but not surprised by those who have been beating the drums of war when they instead should have preempted confrontation by being insistent on dialogue as a means of resolving disputes. Hence the ANC is consistent in pursuing its international relations objectives as directed by the Freedom Charter which states that “there shall be peace and friendship”. Furthermore, the ANC is committed to the values of the UN for pursuance of peaceful and diplomatic resolution of conflict. The ANC therefore is quite firm in calling for commitment to dialogue and peaceful resolution of the conflict.

The ANC strongly believes that it must be the parties, who are directly involved in the conflict, that must not only commit but come to the negotiating table for resolution of such conflict. History is littered with wars that have been ended or even averted through negotiations. However the dismal failure of the UN cannot be swept under the carpet, more so that, when some World leaders are openly biased in their judgement. What is further strange, is that for over 8 years of shelling civilians-nobody has ever been investigated, prosecuted and found either guilty or innocent.

This conflict is beyond merely two countries and exposes that, in fact, the cold war has never been taken to its grave. Another tragedy is that multilateralism has been trampled upon instead of using it as tool to address such impasse.

Belarus is also targeted for sanctions, the Minsk Agreement is “dead”, etc. Citizens in affected countries must not allow themselves to be prey of imperialist manipulation instead they ought to be part of efforts to either revitalise or review the Minsk Agreement as part of the negotiations for a lasting peace.

Furthermore any concerned global citizen must apply his or her mind especially in the face of brazen propaganda as well as unprecedented disinformation about this conflict. We cannot leave the hypocrisy of those who wantonly attack, invade and occupy other countries unchallenged. Not to mention the devastation they leave behind which takes decades if not generations to rehabilitate.

Since the ANC remains committed to its founding values of a struggle for a humane, just, equitable, democratic, and free world, it therefore calls upon the progressives, globally, to ensure that any harm on civilians invites appropriate repercussions.

ANC’s international relations work is underpinned by a commitment to development, democracy, human rights, peace and security in the world hence its abhorrence of those causing suffering of ordinary people in every country that is, either directly or indirectly, involved in this conflict.

Even at this hour of darkness, anguish, anxiety and uncertainty, the ANC is hopeful the parties directly embroiled in the conflict will ultimately conglomerate around a negotiating table for a lasting resolution.



Lindiwe Zulu

Chairperson: International Relations Sub-Committee


Pule Mabe

National Spokesperson

071 623 4975