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Media Statement on the 10th Anniversary of Nelson Mandela's Passing

On this day, the African National Congress (ANC) solemnly commemorates the 10th anniversary of the passing of our revered leader, Comrade Nelson Mandela – a global icon and a symbol of hope and resilience. As we draw near to celebrating 30 years of freedom in South Africa, we reflect on Madiba’s remarkable journey and enduring legacy, whose life epitomised the ANC’s mission to fight for a non- racial, non-sexist, democratic, and prosperous society.

It has been 33 years since Mandela’s release from prison in 1990, a pivotal moment that set South Africa on a path towards reconciliation and nation-building. His unwavering commitment to freedom, equality, and justice inspired millions worldwide and paved the way for a more just and equitable South Africa.

In 1993, 30 years ago, the world acknowledged Mandela’s efforts with the Nobel Peace Prize, recognising his role in peacefully ending apartheid and laying the foundations for a democratic South Africa. His legacy extends beyond his political achievements, encompassing his unwavering dedication to education, healthcare, and social justice for all South Africans.

This year also marks 24 years since Mandela’s presidency concluded in 1999. His presidency, which began 29 years ago with an inspiring inauguration speech, was characterised by his vision of a united, democratic, and non-racial South Africa. Under his leadership, South Africa embarked on a transformation journey, dismantling the apartheid system and establishing a new era of democracy and freedom.

Comrade Mandela, a stalwart of the ANC, dedicated his life to liberating his people and others worldwide. Madiba’s humility and humanity earned him global respect. His vision was a society free from exploitation and oppression, focused on building a united, democratic, non-racial South Africa and a just world order. As a product and maker of history, he shaped and was shaped by the ANC, embodying South Africa’s heroic struggles. His legacy continues to inspire and guide us.

Underpinning our commemoration is a reflection on the tangible progress South Africa has made, aligning with Mandela’s vision:

Housing: The decrease in households residing in informal dwellings, from 13.6% in 2011 to 8.1% in 2022, signifies strides towards improved living standards.

Water: The remarkable access to piped water, with more than 80% of households benefiting, illustrates advancements in basic amenities.

Digital Inclusion: The surge in internet accessibility, with households lacking internet access dropping from 64.8% in 2011 to 21.1% in 2022, marks a significant leap in digital inclusion.

Electricity: The increase in households with electricity for lighting, from 58% in 2011 to over 90% in 2022, highlights enhanced quality of life.

Housing Development: The notable shift in formal dwelling units, from 65.1% in 1996 to 88.5% in 2022, reflects ongoing efforts in housing development.

Education: The near-universal access for 7-15-year-olds and the rise in Early Childhood Development participation underscore our commitment to education for all.

Educational Attainment: The considerable improvement in educational attainment among Black South Africans, from less than 1 in 20 in the 1940s completing 12 years of schooling to nearly 6 in 10, according to 2021 data, echoes Madiba’s belief in education as a powerful tool for change.

These milestones, as captured by recent StatsSA statistics, are a testament to the enduring legacy of Cde Mandela. They represent the fruition of his vision for a society where no person is exploited, oppressed, or despised by another.

As we honour Madiba, we are reminded that his legacy is not merely to be remembered; it is to be lived. The ANC reiterates its commitment to uphold the values it stood for and to continue the struggle for a better world for all. His life was a gift to us; his legacy remains our shared responsibility.




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