South African’s National Liberation Movement

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Oslo Conference

15 - 31 March 1989

A conference of ANC chief representatives and regional treasurers was held in Gran, Norway, from March 15th to 31st 1989. It was also attended by the Secretary-general of the ANC, Alfred Nzo, the Treasurer-General, Thomas Nkobi, and other members of the NEC. The total number of delegates participating was 88.

The conference was held at the invitation and with the support of the International Department of the Norwegian Labour Movement, as well as the Norwegian Government.

The conference was convened to review the situation in South Africa and the rest of Southern Africa. It assessed the implicationsof this situation for the international diplomatic and political work of the ANC. It also discussed ways and means of obtaining increased political, financial and humaniterian assistance to meet the additional demands arising out of this situation.