South African’s National Liberation Movement

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Umrabulo was a word used to inspire political discussion and debate on Robben Island.   In the true spirit of the ANC, this concept is being revived to assert our fundamental adherence to the necessity for enriched discussion at all levels of organisation. In this way, the programmes that we implement will be based on a solid understanding of our options and our principles. This concept was revived in 1996 when the ANC published the first edition of Umrabulo. The journal`s mission is to encourage debate and rigorous discussions at all levels of the movement.

Umrabulo is produced quarterly by the Department of Political Education and Training. Umrabulo welcomes contributions from readers.

Umrabulo No. 52

Special Edition

Umrabulo No. 51

Umrabulo No.49

Umrabulo No.48

Umrabulo No.47

Umrabulo No.46

Umrabulo No.45

Umrabulo No.44