South African’s National Liberation Movement

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National Conference​


Adopted Resolutions on Policy Development

6 July 1991

Conference was not able to debate and take resolutions on a range of policy issues such as education, health and land, because of time constraints. The resolution below was adopted to ensure that the process of policy development is systematically implemented after National Conference.


  1. The urgent need to develop ANC policy on a number of issues;
  2. That policy development is an ongoing process;
  3. That this process of policy development has already been started at branch, regional and national levels;


  1. Endorse the process of policy development that has already started;
  2. Endorse the view that policy formulation is an ongoing developmental process;
  3. Convene a national policy conference of mandated representatives from regions and departments within the next six months to make policy proposals to the NEC for adoption and implementation;
  4. Mandate the NEC to appoint a national planning committee to convene such a conference and plan regional programmes in preparation for this conference.

Endorsed by the Departments of:
Economic Policy
Legal and Constitutional Affairs
Health Education
Social Welfare
Land Commission
Local Government
Science and Technology Group and