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ANC rejects dp’s defence of allegations of misuse of the Western Cape clean-up operation

5 December 2002

Max Ozinsky MPL and ANC Western Cape Spokesperson for the Environment and Planning responds as follows to today’s statement by former Minister Glen Adams regarding allegations of DP abuse of state funds.

“Former MEC Glen Adams is deliberatley missing the point in his statement on allegations of DP manipulation of the WECCO. We have never accused the MPCDC [Mitchells Plain Community Development Corporation] or any other organisation of being a DP front.

“What we have said is that the DP, through former MEC’s Adams and Bester had a strategy to misuse the MPCDC for their own and DP political gain. This is clear from the minutes of the meeting where the two former MEC’s articulated that the MPCDC should be aligned with DP objectives.

“In the context of what happened in Langa, where a DP organiser has been arrested for fraud regarding promises made to residents around the WECCO, the strategy of the DP and Adams becomes clearer.

” Unfortunately for the DP their hidden agenda has been exposed. Their manipulation has done much damage to WECCO and the community organisations, which now find them selves in the middle of this manipulation.

“We will be referring this matter for further discussion in the Legislature and with the Auditor General.”

For further comment, please contact Max Ozinsky MPL on 082 414 7147 or 483 3238.