ANC Statements


 The African National Congress (ANC) is strongly aligned to President Cyril Ramaphosa’s call for all political parties to be better focused on finding solutions to South Africa’s challenges as opposed to solely punting subjective interests. This appeal was made by President Ramaphosa in his response to inputs of political parties to the 2023 State of the Nation Address. 

The President’s call does not discount the need for debate and robust engagements. But rather appeals for a greater sense of focus motivated by a sense of balance and fact. The achievements of South Africa over the past five years, despite the reality of South African challenges getting amplified by Covid-19, was accounted for through delivery of the 2023 State of the Nation Address as well as in the reply of the President. Worth noting, is that the President’s fact based reporting on performance, which includes acknowledgement of areas of weakness is not being questioned. 

The President accounted to parliament on a range of issues. These including strengthening of public institutions, efforts to ensure accountability due to corrupt acts, responsiveness to the devastating effects of Covid-19, job creation interventions and economic reforms to restore confidence. 

The ANC identifies with the President’s sentiments that South Africans are a resilient people who, deserve a government which serves them appropriately. This is a responsibility the ANC is determined to realise and is addressing at all spheres of government. 


Issued by the African National Congress 


Mahlengi Bhengu –Motsiri
National Spokesperson

Media Relations –
mos Phago