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Media Statement


On 02 June 2024, the African National Congress (ANC) congratulated South Africans for a peaceful, free, and fair elections. The people have indeed spoken, and their wishes must be respected. The ANC Secretary General, Comrade Fikile Mbalula, further outlined the ANC’s approach following the results of the 2024 national and provincial elections. The results indicate that the South Africans want all parties to work together, because no party received an absolute majority to form a government alone at national level, in Gauteng and in KwaZulu- Natal.

The ANC has taken the position that we must all act in the interest of our country and its people, and work to build national consensus on the form of government that is best suited to move South Africa forward at this moment in our history. The ANC is keen and determined to engage all parties and unite the broadest range of sectors of our population behind the urgent need to move our country out of the current potential electoral stalemate.

The ANC is driven by the imperative to maintain national unity, stability and to put in place a government that will move with speed to tackle all the pressing socio-economic challenges our nation faces. We believe that despite any differences we may have, working together as South Africans, we can seize this moment to usher our country into a new era of hope.

Informed by these imperatives, the ANC has started engagements with political parties in the country. We have been meeting with all parties that are keen to contribute ideas on how we can collectively move our country forward to form a government that ensures national unity and stability, continues the transformation of South Africa, and safeguards our Constitutional democracy.

The National Working Committee (NWC) met on 4 June 2024, two days after the announcements of the results by the IEC, to receive a report from the National Officials on the meetings held thus far with various political parties. These include meetings with delegations from the IFP, the EFF, the DA, the NFP and the PA. The ANC has also had engagements with its Alliance partners, SACP, COSATU and SANCO as part of the consultation process.

The National Officials reported to the NWC that the ANC has repeatedly reached out to the MKP for an engagement meeting, with no positive response. Our door remains open as we continue to reach out to every party that is keen to contribute positively to moving our country forward.

The ANC NWC discussed the three options as set out by the Secretary General on 2 June 2024, which have been further elaborated, including the inherent risks of each option.

The NWC held a robust and constructive discussion on the perspective and report from National Officials. The discussions enriched the ANC perspective and further probed the implications of each option for South Africa and the ANC’s historic mission to build a united, non-racial, non-sexist, democratic, and prosperous South Africa for all.

Based on the consensus reached, the NWC will take its detailed perspectives on forming government in South Africa to the National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting scheduled to take place on 6 June 2024.

Appointment of Premiers

The ANC in line with its Electoral Rules on Monday 3 June 2024, a day after the announcements of results, convened Extended sessions of its Provincial Executive Committees (PEC) to nominate candidates for Premiers in the provinces where the ANC gained a majority or is likely to lead a coalition government. The extended PECs, that included representatives from its Alliance partners, were overseen by Presiding Officers from the ANC Electoral Committee led by Comrade Kgalema Motlanthe.

Each PEC was required to nominate three Premier candidates of which two candidates are women. All candidates will be interviewed in the coming few days by ANC National Officials. The final ANC Premiers and Premier candidates will be unveiled early next week. Provincial Legislatures are due to sit on the 17th and 18th of June to elect Speakers, Deputy Speakers and Premiers.


The ANC welcomes the robust debates in society and amongst its members on the way forward, following the outcomes of the 2024 elections results.

We have noted documents purporting to be official documents of the ANC being distributed on digital platforms. We once again reiterate that any official communication will be published on our official communications platforms and call on persons engaged in misinformation to desist from doing so.

The current situation has created some uncertainties and risks, but also opportunities to move the country forward, more determined to tackle the problems its people face, more determined to unite and face the future together. The ANC is committed to ensure that we unite the people of South Africa to move our country forward and form a government that reflects the message from the electorate: we must work together!

Many other democracies who face similar challenges of forming government often take months of uncertainty to reach a conclusion. The ANC remains committed to ensure that we build a national consensus to avoid any uncertainty that can lead to instability.

The National Executive Committee of the ANC will come with a clear determination of the way forward and will engage ANC, Alliance, civil society, and all South Africans on our view about the immediate next steps and the future.

We will make further announcements about the NEC meeting and opportunities for the media to engage in due course by way of media advisory.

Let’s do more, Together!



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