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Local Government Elections

Local Government candidate nomination: Timeframes, Forms and Structures to be established

5 May 2021

The ANC Electoral Committee as established by the NEC has met and issued a directive that the  candidate  nomination  process  for  the  forthcoming  local  government  elections  must commence immediately.

The Electoral Committee hereby communicates this decision to all the PECs whilst providing you  with  the  attached  manual  for  branch  nominations  including  nomination  forms,  the deadlines for the different aspects of local election candidate nomination, and the structures that must be established urgently:



The Branch Nomination Booklet is attached. It contains the full nomination process and all forms  needed  by  branches  for  the  completion  of  their  nomination  process,  community meetings and community votes. Please make sufficient copies for all branches. Every branch should  receive  one  book  with  the  ward  number  pre-written  in  the  book.  All  documentation must be captured in the book and submitted to the Provincial List Committee administrator. The branch should copy or scan the book before handing it in.

An additional book with forms to complete for processing PR candidates and lists, will be

given to the Regional Interview and Vetting Panel when it is established,



By end May     Branch nominations ward and PR candidates

Community meetings for ward candidates

Community votes in ANC wards

June 2021       PR candidate interviews by Regional Interview and Vetting Panel and

Ward candidate processing by Provincial List Committee

Mid-June         Extended PEC to approve ward and list candidates

Early August   Extended NEC to ratify and finalise list and ward candidates

Mid-August     Register candidates with IEC




The  PEC  and  Alliance  structures  must  be  invited  to  nominate  members  for  the  Provincial List Committee as outlined in the Candidate Selection Rules:

“The PLC should be approved by the PEC and be made up of:

  • 3 senior ANC members who no longer occupy elected positions in the NEC or PEC or REC, with no direct personal interest in the outcome of the candidate selection process. At least 2 must be women.
  • Each of the Leagues’ provincial executives may also nominate one list committee member who  meets  the  above    They  must  be  encouraged  to  nominate women.
  • Each of the Alliance partners plus Sanco may nominate one list committee member who meets the above criteria. They must be encouraged to nominate women.
  • “The Provincial Secretary will provide administrative support for the PLC and will ensure that all organisational structures implement the processes and abide by the rules determined by the EC.”

The Provincial List Committee will have to oversee the nomination and selection process and must be in place by 10 May 2021. The PLC will report directly to the EC.

Please forward the name and contact details of the chair and the administrator as soon as they are appointed. The Province should dedicate one senior staff member to provide administrative support to the committee.


The rules state that the Regional Interview and Vetting Panels will do the following:

“They will analyse challenges and weaknesses in each municipality and be responsible for ensuring that the ANC has the capacity to run an effective and clean municipality. They will interview all PR nominees that meet the cut off number of nominations for each municipal council in their region, order and balance lists according to the rules, and present and motivate these to the extended PEC. “

The Rules give the Electoral Committee the power to set up in each region, after consultation with the PEC and REC. We hereby invite REC’s and PEC’s to nominate any suitable candidates to the Electoral Committee. The rules specify the following:

“The RIVP is set up by the Electoral Committee after consultation with the PLC and the REC, and should be made up of:

  • The regional secretary plus
  • Four other impartial ANC supporters or members with significant and successful local government experience or expertise – as former, mayors, councillors, MECs, ministers, MPs, MPLs in local government committees, senior municipal managers, or academics.”

Please consult RECs and forward all nominations for the RIVPs in your province to the Electoral Commission  Secretariat  at  [email protected] and  [email protected] by  close  of business on the 15th of May 2021. List the names for each region with the expertise of each RIVP nominee as well as their contact details. The names of all the comrades who served on the PLC should also be furnished to the Electoral Committee using the same email addresses as provided.

We thank you for your cooperation and trust that the Electoral Committee will enjoy your support in this very important task.

For any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact the following comrades: Bafana Sithole at 082 995 5015 or Chief Matsila at 082 602 5515.

Yours comradely

Cde Kgalema Motfanthe

Electoral Committee Chair