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ANC Membership

Be the Renewal

Introduction to the ANC Membership System

Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting Guidebook

30 December 2020


As a democratic organisation, ANC members are expected to play a critical role as agents of change in their communities, in society and in the ANC structures at all levels.  The rights and responsibilities of members are set out in the Constitution of the ANC.

Successive conferences identified a credible membership system as important to the renewal and modernisation of the ANC. The 54th National Conference, and conferences before this, identified the following problems with our Membership system. At the time, we recorded over 1 million members, but:

  • Most members were not active in their communities and branches;
  • Undemocratic practices of buying of members just for Conferences, members of members, in order to control numbers and influence the outcomes of organisational processes;
  • An unreliable and slow system of issuing membership cards;
  • Decline in the quality and discipline of ANC members;
  • Membership not reflecting the multi-class and non-racial character of the ANC nor the motive forces; and
  • Problems of gatekeeping, keeping members from joining and renewing and therefore participating in the life of the ANC.

In the light of these problems, Conference called for  a modernised, online membership system,

that will prevent and limit gatekeeping, where members can control their own membership , that is transparent and that provides effective access to membership cards. This Membership system must be rolled out along with an active recruitment strategy and political education of members; and building active branches as centres of development in their communities

The process of developing the new system started immediately after Conference in 2018, with the scoping for the system and updating and cleaning the Membership Database.  Regions and provinces submitting forms to be verified and captured. 

This was followed in 2019 by the isiZiveze campaign, where members were called to present themselves, and all those who still kept membership forms to submit. In addition, we also tested the database against the IEC and HANIS databases, in order to identified wrong IDs, as well as comrades that have passed on. Members who died were placed in a separate category.  

This process ended in 2019, when the Membership database was then transferred to the new Membership system. We also during this period started training on the system for branches, regions, provinces and national.

 In 2020, Regional and Provincial Secretaries were asked to submit the list of Branch Secretaries names and IDs to be added to the system as the main administrators of the Branch Membership, with roles and responsibilities. Training was conducted for branch secretaries, they were registered on the system and their administrator roles allocated.

The Membership system went live on 28 February 2020, allowing members to directly register, check their status, register a dispute if their status not correct, change their details and Renew their membership. During the first 6 months when the system went live, over 300,000 members registered, updated their details and checked their status. The Organising department also held virtual meetings with branches, briefing them on the new system.   

In 2020, the NEC due to the Covid pandemic postponed all constitutional meetings, and this was only lifted when we went to Lockdown level 1 in November 2020. The Membership Call centre, that was closed during the lockdown was again operationalised, albeit with much reduced capacity. 

The NEC at this point announced, through the SGO that BBGMs and Conferences (at least 4 provincial and 28 regional conferences) should be held during the first 3 months of 2021. Thus, the cut-off date for all renewals was set as 15 December 2020, and the SG wrote to all structures. A social media campaign was rolled out to remind members to register, to check their status and to renew their membership. The SGO also distributed the revised Guidelines for Conferences, taking account of Covid 19 regulations.

Like any new system, changing from the old to the new, comes with challenges.  This is especially true since the old membership system and practices surrounding it have been so problematic. The lockdown during 2020 disrupted the training and change management, as well as branch activities that should have happened, and we are now doing catch-up.  

After the deadline of 15 December 2020, the national office organized virtual meetings with branches in all nine (9) provinces on 17-18 December 2020. Most of the questions in this Guidebook arose from this feedback, as well as issues dealt with by the Membership Call Centre.

The purpose of this Guidebook is therefore to steer ANC members and structures through the new Membership system, so we can all understand the system, contribute to its continual improvement and defend its integrity against any manipulation.

Major Differences between the Old and New System





Members only join through manual forms

A fully online system, where a member registers once, and at intervals check, update their details and renew membership. Even where forms are still used, these are uploaded onto the central online system.


Manual audit of membership and branches done by auditors sent from headquarters.

Membership audit no longer necessary, Branch secretaries at any time can go into the system, download their membership list, the status of their branch and print the Attendance register for branch general meetings (BGMs).


All forms had to be submitted to the branch secretary, organizer, region or whoever, who decided what happened with these forms.

Members are in control of their own membership, can access the membership system to check their details and through the personal contact details uploaded, communicates directly with member. Nobody can keep member forms in the boots of their car or under the mattress, to be taken out when its near Conferences.


Membership cards printed centrally, reached members late or hardly ever.

Once registered on system and membership status confirmed, an electronic membership card or a provisional membership card (for new members on probation) can immediately be downloaded and can be saved. Arrangements can also be made at regional, provincial and national level to print card, if member so wish.


National distributed membership lists and attendance registers after auditing.

This is completely decentralized to branches. Branch secretaries can download their membership list and attendance registers for BBGMs and BGMs at any time and present it to the BEC.


Membership system was opaque with very few in the organisation at any point knowing what the true membership status was

The system allows for Admin users at all levels, branch, regional, provincial and national officials to access the system, once roles assigned and to read/check the status of members at any time.


Because system so manual, Membership system easily manipulated.

System provides strict controls on who can add or change membership details, it provides for approvals, as well as an audit trail of any user accessing the system.

Understanding your Member Status in the System

Since the Membership system went live, there are just over 1.4 million members in the Membership Database. The status of these members on the system are divided into:

  • IN GOOD STANDING: member subscription is up to date, and can exercise all responsibilities and rights of an ANC member as set out in the Constitution.
  • NOT IN GOOD STANDING: an ANC member, but the member subscription is not up to date. The member must register and pay their renewal.
  • PROBATION: this is for New Members who joined, have been accepted by the BEC and are serving their 6-months probation. After 6 months, if no objection is lodged by the BEC, the member will automatically be moved by the system to IN GOOD STANDING, and becomes a full member with responsibilities and rights.
  • GRACE: The Constitution gives a member 3 months after their subscription expires to renew. If the member does not renew, they will automatically be moved to NOT IN GOOD STANDING, after the 3 months.
  • EXPELLED/RESIGN/SUSPENDED/LAPSED: these are members who have been expelled or suspended following the disciplinary code (Rule 25) or who resigned or who no longer is a member of the ANC due to their actions.
  • DECEASED: members who have died reside in this category. During the course of each year, the database is compared to the HANIS database, and deceased members moved here.




I am an ANC member, how do I register on the new System so I can control my own membership?

Go online and to and follow the instructions.  Also see the pamphlet, How to Register Online on page x

When I log-in, the system ask me for a User name, what is this?

Your unique thirteen digit ID number is now your Membership number and your User name. Use this at all times, including as Reference when you pay for membership at the accepted pay points.

I registered, but got the message “Our records show that you are not yet a member of the ANC”. But I joined the ANC a long time ago, and am an ANC member!

If you are already an ANC member, this means that you are not yet in the database.  This may be because your details were wrongly captured at some point, or that your membership form was not captured. On the page where you saw this message, there is an option to lodge a DISPUTE. Click on this, and you can then upload proof of membership – this is an old Membership form with an old proof of payment.

Once the dispute is lodged, the Call centre will review.

If your membership is ACCEPTED, you will then be informed and you can then register, check your status, and renew your membership. This may take a bit of time, given the large volumes of that the Call centre deals with.

It may be REJECTED because you did not provide sufficient information or your form or proof of payment unreadable. The message will indicate why you were rejected and what to do next.

I want to join the ANC, do I pay membership fee and then register?

NO. You MUST first register on the system , indicate that you want to join, and fill in your details.  Your application for membership will be reviewed by the BEC as per the constitutional process of the ANC. If accepted, the Branch Secretary will accept you on the system. You will get an SMS or email to ask you at this point to pay the subscription, either by logging in, and paying online or by deposit at an ATM, using your unique ID number as reference number. Once you paid and the system uploaded your payment, you will start your 6 months’ probation as a Provisional member. At this point, you can go into the system again, and download your Provisional Membership Card.

I logged – in and tried to register, but the system says my ID number is already registered and in use. 

Call the Membership Call Centre with your ID number to confirm if indeed your name is in the system. If you are the correct member, the Call centre will follow up to ensure that you are able to log in and manage your own membership account.

I am a Branch secretary and a number of branch members are deceased. How do I remove deceased members from the branch Members List?

The branch secretary does not  have to do anything,  Once very 3-6 months, the central database is put through HANIS, and deceased members are moved to the DECEASED category.

There are opposition members or criminals or corrupt people who joined our branch online, how do we object/remove them from our Member List?

The BEC should immediately submit the report on members who defected to the opposition or verdict of the disciplinary process showing that the member was found guilty and is suspended/expelled.

The status of the member will be changed to suspended/expelled/resigned depending on the verdict.

Is it wrong to use the ANC logo as a member picture.

Yes, it is wrong. The member must upload a picture of him or herself for identification purpose.

Our members register on the system, but they don’t receive their OTP

This may because of the following reasons:

·       The member was captured on the database with no contact details

·       The contact details captured on the system during registration were not captured correctly

·       OTPs in some areas are delayed and the delay should not be more than 24 hours.

Members who do not receive OTP for registration should check whether contact details captured on the system is current and reconfirm the method of communication they prefer.

If still a problem, the Call center will be able to assist in correcting contact details so that the member can proceed with registration

Our members registered on the system, but forgot their passwords

The members who forgot password must click FORGOT PASSWORD on the system, and follow the system prompts from that point onwards.

Our members registered on the system, because they no longer use their old cellphone and or email, they can’t receive the OTP

The member can contact the branch secretary who will assist them in updating their contact details to reflect the latest details. 

Once the above has taken place, the member can then go on to the system and follow the “FORGOT PASSWORD” process which will guide them in changing their password.

Our members was not informed during the lockdown, so they used the old reference number (instead of their IDs) to renew or pay their joining fee

The new membership system requires members to use their ID as reference number when making payments. Where the wrong reference number was used (e.g. the old reference numbers or mistake in ID), the members should unfortunately make new payments using their ID as reference number to ensure that their subscription is up to date.

A decision will be taken on what will happen to the monies paid using the old reference member and in the next phase, this mistake will be easily rectified when the unallocated function is activated.

I tried to log-on but keep on getting an error message

Make sure that you log-in using the correct address. It must be If you put www in front of this address, you will get the error message. If the system is down, a message to this effect will appear.

Why are members REJECTED, even when we have attached their membership forms and proof of payment?

If all proof is provided, registered members or those who have lodged a dispute should be approved. In case a member experience such a problem, contact the Call Centre for advise, a reason for the rejection will be given from the system. If it’s  a call centre error, the  member will be asked to resubmit a dispute on the system and it will be corrected.

What is the position of the organisation on someone who contested the ANC as an independent and that person won the by-election. Is he still the ANC Member while contested as an Independent?

A person who contest the ANC in an elections is regarded as part of the opposition and should be regarded as defected.

A report should be submitted by the branch secretary on behalf of the BEC, so that the person be shifted to the relevant category – resigned/defected – in the Membership system.

Such a member will, after this processs, no longer appear on the Attendance register, but will appear on the branch membership list under the correct category of RESIGNED/DEFECTED.

We have a member who failed to renew for the last 2 years, do they just pay the current renewal fee?

No. The system will require them to pay the arrears, as well as the renewal subscription.

Members have paid, but the system still has not updated their status to GOOD STANDING

This can be for the following reasons:

·       Member paid using the incorrect reference number

·       The member had not paid for several years and thus, the payment has been allocated to those arrear subscription fees

·       The member should log in and check member information on payment and update accordingly if the problem is arrears

·       The branch secretary/membership officer/regional organizer can check the payment record of the member.

Both of these can be checked with the Call centre

Some of our members’ contact phone numbers were captured incorrectly or their numbers are no longer working. They can’t get their OTP and when we try to register them again, the system says they are already in the system.

The member must contact the branch secretary who will assist them in updating their contact details to reflect the latest details. 

Once the above has taken place, the member can then go on to the system and follow the “FORGOT PASSWORD” process which will guide them in changing their password

One of our members is in good standing, we have proof, but does not appear on the system

Member must contact the Call Centre for the matter to be investigated

When does a new member start their probation?

The  new member only starts their 6 months’ probation once they have been presented to the BEC for approval, the Branch Secretary approves them online, and they pay  the joining fee after being informed to do so. 

The probation starts from the date of payment, but all the prior steps must be completed.

A number of our branch members went to pay their renewal at FNB on 15 December 2020, when they went to register online, the system says “ID already in use”

This means that the ID number has already been registered on the system.  At this point, you must click on “FORGOT PASSWORD” and follow the instructions from there.  If this does not work, contact the call center in order to log this as a query for escalation.

Members must remember to always register on the system, to ensure that their names are in the database, before making any payment.

We have captured members and put their photos with their membership forms and send them by email, but no feedback yet

The process of attending to all the submitted forms and dispute is in progress and members should be patient, whilst the backlog is cleared.

We have many elderly people in our branch, who do not have smart phones and also can’t go to the bank to pay. How do we help them

Senior citizens can still use the old method of filling in manual application forms. The branch secretaries should process the forms in accordance with Rule 4.5 and accepted members must be registered on the system. Only thereafter can the members go and make payment of their subscription fees.

Can members still renew online, even after the cut-off date.

Yes. Members are encouraged to continue registering on the system, and to also renew, even after the cut-off date. We must at all times ensure that our membership is in good standing and details are correct.

I have members on my Members List who are not in our branch, or they have moved. How can our Branch secretary correct this

If there are members that are wrongly captured in your branch, make a list of the members and submit to the Call center.

Members who are captured in the wrong ward/sub-region/region/province can also change their own details. Member must log in their details and change the ward or sub-region/region/province, depending on which one of these are wrongly captured OR all. The Branch Secretary of the corrected branch will then approve the submission and the member will be in the correct ward/sub-region/region/province

How do a branch secretary accepts a member who I have never seen, heard of and have not seen their form

New members  who join must be processed by the BEC in line with rule 4.5. Only thereafter may the branch secretary accept their membership on the system.

Some members paid with the old reference numbers in March 2020, before they knew about the new system. They do have their proof of payment.

Members who paid using old reference number should make sure that their membership is up to date by making payments using their ID  number.

The decision about monies deposited using old reference numbers will be determined in 2021.

I have members born between 1920-1939, the system does not recognize them or says they are not born yet or under age

This is a work in progress by SpesNet, the service provider for the system.  Feedback on this will be provided shortly.

The Branch Secretary to contact the call centre with the ID numbers of the specific cases, for a query to be lodged.

We have new members who are not recognized on the system, yet they have joined and paid joining fees more than 6 months ago. Telling them to pay again means they have to wait another 6 months

The new system requires that new member apply and get processed by the BEC and only when they are accepted can they pay subscription. If they paid before being registered in the system, their payment will reflect as unallocated.

New members who paid longer than six months ago, must first be accepted by the BEC and then lodge dispute with proof of payments, indicating that they applied more than 6 months ago.

I have moved ward/municipality, region or province and therefore need to Transfer my membership

You can update your address on the system, indicating which address you want to use for your branch. The system will update your new ward based on this information, and send a message to the receiving branch secretary (where you wish to transfer to) to accept you. Once the branch secretary has accepted your transfer to your new branch, you will be so informed.

How do we print our Attendance register (with only members in GOOD STANDING) and not the whole members list

When generating the Attendance register, the branch secretary need only select “ADD CUT-OFF DATE” and capture the cut of date as communicated by the SGO.  Once this is done, they can then follow the same process to generate the membership list.  The system will automatically generate an attendance register with the correct members in good standing who can participate.

I registered and logged on, but it says my membership is NOT IN GOOD STANDING. I know that I am up to date with my subscription. What must I do

Contact your branch secretary to check your payment details on the system. The system will show how much is recorded as your last payment.

If the Secretary is not able to resolve the problem, contact the Call Centre, with proof of payment.

Some of my members paid their subscription, but the system still register them as NOT IN GOOD STANDING

The branch secretary must search for their details on the system using their ID numbers and check their payment details on the system.

There are members whose particulars, such as the payment date and amount, does not show or N/A appears next to their names

The payment date and amount were not captured into the system, because the information was not available or was not clear when captured.  The member or branch secretary can upload proof of payment, but the Call centre is also going back to the forms uploaded for those with N/A status and see whether it is possible to correct. If not, the member and branch secretary will see reasons for this status, when they log-in to the member’s profile.



I am a branch secretary and  I registered on the system, but has not yet been allocated the admin role to process Membership of my branch

Immediately contact the Regional membership officer, send a letter/email to the Regional secretary to ask them to submit your name and ID, with your branch details. Also copy the national email [email protected]

What are the things I can or can’t do as a Branch secretary on the system?

Branch Secretaries, once allocated their proper role can:

–        READ all information related to membership in the branch, including members details. SEARCH for a member on the system, using their ID number

–        HELP a member to register on the system and UPLOAD their member record/form. This upload is subject to approval higher up, before it reflects on the system.

–        Assist a member to UPDATE  or CHANGE their information on the system.

–        Receive NOTIFICATIONS of new members wanting to join the ANC, which they must submit to the BEC for approval, and then to ACCEPT these new members on the system.

–        ACCEPT members who change ward/branch for their branch.

The Branch Secretary should not share their log in details with anybody.

They should make sure they attend to all notifications on the system on a regular basis.

Roles of branch secretaries are automatically allocated on the system. Other functions not allocated to the role of branch secretary are restricted.

Our Branch secretary is

–        not available/ active/ responding to our calls/ reporting to the BEC

–        not in good health/deceased and we want to allocate the role to the Deputy Branch secretary

Immediately contact the Regional membership officer, send a letter/email to the Regional secretary to ask them to submit the recommendation from the BEC with name and ID, and branch details. Also copy the national email [email protected]

Many of our branch members do not have access to smart phones. Can’t we consider editing the system to put the E- membership card option in the secretary portal to allow him/her to develop and print cards for members than for them to do on their own.

Will consider as part of Phase 2 of the Membership system development in 2021.

What about members who hijacked the role of the Branch secretary, and act in this position without the knowledge of the branch?

The Branch secretary and BEC should submit a report on this, with full details in writing of the culprits, to the REC.

How do we change the contact numbers of the Branch secretary?

The Branch secretary, if registered should log in and change her or his own contact details. If there is a problem, the Branch secretary can contact the Regional Membership administrator



We made bulk deposits for branch members, we now hear that bulk deposits are not accepted. What must we do?

Bulk deposits are not accepted. Kindly lodge the information about the member details to the Regional membership officer and the call centre on [email protected]

We did bulk deposits because the closes FNB branch is far away from our town/village. We deposited with members ID numbers and the amount. What must we do now?

Bulk deposits are not accepted. Kindly lodge the information about the member details to the Regional membership officer and the call centre on [email protected]


Our branch submitted membership forms were send to national, region or province to be captured, but these members do not reflect on the system. How do we rectify this as a branch?

Members must register on the system and lodge a dispute. Members will be required to upload the proof that they are not new members. Once disputes are approved, their names will go into the membership lists.

Some of our members were on the final LEGACY DATABASE, but they do not appear in the system

Contact the Regional membership officer, and also copy the national email [email protected]

We still have membership forms that were not submitted and therefore not captured, what do we do?

Members must register on the system and lodge a dispute. Members will be required to upload the proof that they are not new members. Once disputes are approved their names will go into the membership lists.

How will we resolve membership renewals or new membership deposited through bulk  and not captured before the system went live in March 2020 as they remain not in good standing on the system?

Members must register on the system and lodge a dispute. Members will be required to upload the proof that they are not new members. Once disputes are approved, their names will go into the membership lists.

How do I register legacy members as a branch secretary?

If the branch secretary has the forms, give the forms back to the members and show them how to register themselves on the system.

We have old members who are not appearing in the list but they are in good standing. Their forms are in the regional/provincial office or still with our branch OR we have members that were not audited and captured prior to the system went live or deposits made on the old system, but cant find them on the new system

Members must register on the system and lodge a dispute. Members will be required to upload the proof that they are not new members. Once disputes are approved, their names will go into the membership lists. The branch secretary can also lodge the report with the Regional membership officer and copy [email protected]

We never got the information from the branch about the new system. What about  members who used the old system  to renew and even new members joining?

Members must register on the system and lodge the dispute. Through the dispute, the members will be required to upload the proof that they are not new members (an old membership form, proof of payment). Once disputes are approved their names will go into the membership lists.

The system says we are not in good standing but we deposited R80 in 2019. Then we deposited R40 to be early accommodated for the new system.

The branch secretary must search to determine if the members were captured in the system. If not, members must register on the system and lodge a dispute. Members will be required to upload proof that they are not new members. Once disputes are approved their names will go into the membership lists.

There were thirty 2018/2019 membership forms submitted twice before and not captured. These forms met all requirements, but the members do not appear on the system.

Members must register on the system and lodge the dispute. Members will be required to upload the proof that they are not new members. Once disputes are approved their names will go into the membership lists.

We were also not offered an opportunity to go through the Ziveze BGM process to be able to correct errors that might have occurred in our register.

Corrections of details is done by a member. The members must register on the system and do all the corrections or lodge a dispute.

Our branch went on Branch Verification BGM of Ziveze and members took oath in that BGM, but their membership is not appearing on the data, what can be done?

Branch secretary should check if the forms were captured or by searching for the members using their IDs or names. If they do not appear, it means their forms were not captured in the data base and they should register and lodge a dispute. They will be required to upload proof that they are not new members.

I have 105 members that have paid their R100 for renewals as from 2018. I helped to capture them through the new system. Now they  are getting SMS  that they were REJECTED. What will happen to them?

They should register again and ensure that all supporting documents are uploaded and the ID photo also uploaded.

Our membership list got an error only surname  and ID numbers appeared in the list, but no first names

Member should log in, check their details including corrections to their surnames or any other of their details.



Our branch borders have changed with the new demarcations, and it affect members on our List.

This is a matter affecting some branches across the country.  The NEC will adopt Demarcation Guidelines for Branches in January 2021, and branches will then be informed of the process to follow.



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