South African’s National Liberation Movement

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Oslo Conference


Extract from the closing remarks of the Treasurer General, T.T. Nkobi

21 March 1989

We have spent the last week in an ideal setting, able to concentrate on the tasks facing us uninterrupted, our every need met by the warmth and hospitality of our Norwegian hosts. To them we extend a very sincere vote of thanks.

We have had very fruitful discussions and an opportunity to exchange ideas on the major political and financial issues facing us. An important aspect of these discussions has been the involvement of many of you in discussing the enormous tasks and responsibilities faced by the OTG, and the role you must play to ensure that the movement has the necessary financial and material resources to prosecute our struggle.

The spirit with which the participants in this Conference approached our work has resulted in a wealth of ideas and suggestions for new ways of raising funds. I must, however, come back to the question of implementation. The success of our deliberations will be determined not only by what we have said, but by what we all do. We welcome the many suggestions and constructive criticisms made. The OTG will systematically go through all the reports submitted to this conference. We will, with immediate effect, implement that which can be done without delay. Furthermore, we will take whatever steps necessary to create the framework that will make the functioning of the OTG more efficient. This is the responsibility of the whole movement.

There are many aspects of the suggestions and recommendations made that can be implemented by each of you in your respective regions with immediate effect. The OTG expects a flurry of activity worldwide that will simultaneously raise muchneeded funds and stimulate political awareness of our struggle. We will also pursue with the relevant structures of our movement the ideas put forward with regard to generating funds within the country.

Let us go forward with renewed determination and awareness of the role and importance of funds and fundraising in our movement and in our struggle.