South African’s National Liberation Movement

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Resolution adopted by the Conference of Heads of African States and Governments, Addis Ababa, 22-25 May 1963, on apartheid and racial discrimination

27 June 1963

The Summit Conference of Independent African States meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, from 22 May to 25 May 1963

Having considered all aspects of the questions of apartheid and racial discrimination,

Unanimously convinced of the imperious and urgent necessity of coordinating and intensifying their efforts to put an end to the South African Government`s criminal policy of apartheid and wipe out racial discrimination in all its forms,

Have agreed unanimously to concern and coordinate their efforts and action in this field, and to this end have decided on the following measures:

  1. To grant scholarships, educational facilities and possibilities of employment in African government service to refugees from South Africa;
  2. To support the recommendations presented to the Security Council and the General Assembly by the special Committee of the United Nations on the apartheid policies of the South African Government;
  3. To despatch a delegation of Foreign Ministers to inform the Security Council of the explosive situation existing in South Africa. (The Conference has decided the members of the delegation to be: Liberia, Tunisia, Madagascar and Sierra Leone);
  4. To coordinate concerted measures of sanction against the Government of south Africa;
  5. Appeals to all States, and more particularly to those which have traditional relations and cooperate with the Government of South Africa, to strictly apply United Nations resolution 1761 (XVII) of 6 November 1962 concerning apartheid;
  6. Appeals to all Governments who still have diplomatic, consular and economic relations with the Government of South Africa to break off those relations and to cease any other form of encouragement for the policy of apartheid,
  7. Stresses the great responsibility incurred by the colonial authorities administering territories neighbouring South Africa in the pursuit of the policy of apartheid,
  8. Condemns racial discrimination in all its forms in Africa and all over the world,
  9. Expresses the deep concern aroused in all African peoples and Governments by the measures of racial discrimination taken against communities of African origin living outside the continent and particularly in the United States of America; Expresses appreciation for the efforts of the Federal Government of the United States of America to put an end to these intolerable mal-practices which are likely seriously to deteriorate relations between the African peoples and Governments on the one hand and the people and Government of the United States of America on the other.