That this Provincial General Council of the ANC in Gauteng, meeting on this day the 29th of September, 1996, notes the following:

  • That the ANC together with all the citizens of S.A. have a historic responsibility to Reconstruct and Develop our society, through the RDP,
  • To bring about fundamental political, social and economic transformation, and
  • To creating a better quality of life for all the S.A. citizens.

Further notes:

  • that there are forces bend on weakening the ANC and discrediting its leadership and hope in doing so, to make the RDP fail.
  • the growing perception of disunity within the ANC leadership as reflected by the recent media reports

We therefore resolve:

  • To call on our people to unite behind the ANC and its leadership – That this General Council, commits itself behind the Collective Leadership of the ANC – Call on our Branches to strengthen the organisation more vigorously in their respective localities.


  • That the membership of the ANC respect and are subjected to the ANC constitution
  • That all members adhere to a Code of Discipline as embraced in the ANC constitution

And further notes that disciplinary proceedings against Bantu Holomisa were instituted by the ANC National Disciplinary Committee on behalf of the NEC.

We therefore Resolve:

  • To support any disciplinary measures to be taken by NEC of the ANC with regard to Bantu Holomisa.