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Statement of the ANC on Local Government Elections 2021 Preliminary Results

South Africa joined the ranks of over 142 countries across the world that managed to hold elections amidst the global Covid 19 pandemic. Our sixth local government election was peaceful, free and fair, despite the hiccups.

The 2021 local government elections have been amongst the most difficult elections we have contested. The turnout in particular has been disappointing, in part as result of the objective conditions of Covid 19, weather, election on a Monday and logistical issues, as well as the specter of load shedding in the week preceding elections.

However, it is in the main an unambiguous signal to the ANC from the electorate. The low voter turnout, especially in traditional ANC strongholds, communicates a clear message: The people are disappointed in the ANC with the slow progress in fixing local government, in ensuring quality and consistent basic services, in tackling corruption and greed. People are happy with the renewal of the ANC and therefore, our nation’s mission in building a better life for all.

The ANC has heard this message loud and clear.

We are more determined than ever to do, and be better. We will honour the mandate we have received and the pledge we made to the citizenry. We are determined to improve service delivery, accountability as we build better communities, improve basic services, provide safety, economic opportunities, and build united, non-racial, nonsexist communities.

Peaceful, Free and Fair Elections

The ANC reaffirms its confidence in the IEC which conducted and oversaw these
elections under very tight deadlines and difficult conditions imposed by the Covid- 19 pandemic. The Commission simultaneously advanced the ongoing modernization of our elections management. The challenges that occurred during special voting and Election Day were indeed unfortunate, and impacted negatively on the ANC. However, we believe these incidences did not affect the overall freeness, fairness and competence of the 2021 elections.
Regrettably, there were incidents of violence and an unfortunate loss of life at a voting district leading up to, and on Election Day. We condemn all such incidents and call upon law enforcement agencies to spare no effort in bringing the perpetrators to book.

We commend the security services for proactively identifying hotspots and taking the necessary measures to ensure that the 2021 Local Government Elections were
conducted in conditions of relative stability. We thank South Africans, all political parties, civil society and the security services for making this possible.

ANC Comment on 2021 LGE Preliminary Results

These results, and the turnout, is a message to our movement to shape up. Looking at the overall picture that is emerging from results completed, the ANC maintains its
national footprint across the country. We remain the leading party nationally and in the
majority of districts and municipalities.

On Coalitions
The preliminary results indicate that we will have more hung councils than in the
previous local election. This will necessitate the need for coalitions, or other forms of co-operation with other political formations. This is nothing new. We have done so since 1994.

The ANC’s approach to coalitions remains based on principle, not expediency, and guided by the spirit, mandate and interests of the voters. We remain committed to
building unity and fostering co-operation with formations committed to advance the building of truly non-racial, non-sexist and united developmental local government.

Regrettably, recent experience with a number of coalitions has not been positive. Most of these coalitions which were led by the opposition have been untidy, messy and premised on gaining power as an end in itself. This has resulted in unstable and selfserving “marriages of inconvenience.”

To avoid this type of political and administrative instability, the ANC will consider an approach with likeminded parties, including affirming the principle accepted in many countries, that the party that receives the most votes in a given election, should be afforded the first opportunity to form a coalition government, thus mitigating against an unseemly scramble for power. This approach is in the interests of effective governance, and is consistent with the principles of democracy and proportionality manifest in our Constitution. An extended ANC NWC will by the end of this week finalise its approach to coalitions and cooperation.

For the twelfth time since 1994, the South African people, the institutions which they have created, their Constitution and the political parties to which they belong, have risen to the occasion and reaffirmed the dearness with which they hold our hard-won democracy.
As we continue to reflect on the election process and results, we must all pay attention to ensure that greater numbers of people register to vote, especially
young voters.

We must ensure the trust of people remain strong in the ANC through our actions and deliver consistently on our mandate and manifestos.

The ANC will remain resolute on its path of renewal, no matter the difficulties or setbacks. All ANC councillors elected through participation of communities will honour their pledges. Where we received a mandate to govern, we will this week start selection of mayors who are competent and can lead the renewal of their communities.

With the quarterly ANC Local Government Barometer, we will hold our representatives accountable for basic services, infrastructure and local economic development, and report to the citizens on progress and challenges.

Building Better Communities Together

Pule Mabe
National Spokesperson
071 623 4973