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Media Statement

ANC 2023 Christmas and End of Year Message

Johannesburg: As we celebrate the festive season, the African National Congress (ANC) reaches out with warm and heartfelt Christmas greetings to all South Africans, especially our Christian community. This season is deeply embedded in our national psyche, and it offers a moment to reinforce the value of family, joy, and rest. It is a time to rekindle the values that bind us together and a nation.

The ANC, rooted in a rich history shaped by the vision and moral guidance of founding figures such as the Reverend John Langalibalele Dube (first ANC President-General) and stalwart the Reverend Walter Rubusana, has always stood at the forefront of championing social justice. Our unique position as the only political party in South Africa with a Chaplain-General further illuminated this legacy. This role symbolises our commitment to ethical leadership and spiritual stewardship.

In the enduring spirit of our founders, we recommit ourselves to principles of tolerance, peace, and harmony. These enduring values, echoing the timeless teachings of Christmas, are more crucial than ever in our diverse and vibrant society. During this season, we urge every South African to embrace unity and understanding, to reach across divisions, and to foster a spirit of inclusiveness and togetherness.

As set out in our 1991 Constitutional Principles for a democratic South Africa document we are committed to a united, non-racial, non-sexist, and democratic society. We will continue advocating for the respect and recognition of all cultural, linguistic, and religious diversity, fostering an open, tolerant society. The ANC Constitutional Principles to contribute to the new nation’s fabric, preventing division or conflict, found expression in our 1996 Constitution, which is the supreme law of the land.

However, the festive season also brings to the fore the challenges we continue to face as a nation. Each year, we are confronted with the grim reality of increased road accidents, often resulting from fatigue, impaired driving, and negligence.

We earnestly appeal to all South Africans to exercise the utmost caution and responsibility on our roads. No drinking and driving, and no drinking and crossing highways/roadways. No cool drinks for law enforcement.

It is a crime. The safety of every individual is paramount, and the responsibility for this safety lies with each one of us.

Consequently, we call upon our law enforcement agencies to redouble their efforts in ensuring road safety. Their vigilance and dedication are crucial in preventing tragic loss of life and maintaining public order duringthis busy period. Their role in safeguarding our roads and communities cannot be overstated. We repeat, no asking for cold drink money.

As we partake in the festive cheer, let’s also spare a thought for the less fortunate among us. The essence of the Christmas spirit lies in generosity (excluding cold drink money), compassion, and caring for one another, particularly for those who are vulnerable and marginalised in our society. Let this season remind us of our shared humanity and collective responsibility towards each other.

In conclusion, the ANC extends its sincerest wishes for a safe, peaceful, and joyous festive season to everyone. Let’s collectively strive to make this a time of happiness, goodwill, and prosperity for all.

Together, we can ensure that the festive season truly reflects the best of what our nation stands for – unity in diversity, peace, and a shared commitment to building a brighter and more inclusive future for all our people. It is truly in your hands.




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