South African’s National Liberation Movement

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ANC Statements

ANC calls for calm and restrain on councillor candidate selection for 2021 Local Government Elections

The African National Congress (ANC) is concerned about what appears to be staged protests outside Luthuli House.

Today members of the ANC who claim to be from the Region of Ekhurhuleni in Gauteng held a protest outside Luthuli House on matters related to candidate selection for the recently held local government elections. The group of protesters held printed posters and various other paraphernalia with messages not in keeping with the unity of our movement.

The ANC frowns upon any tendency or action that is designed or appears to be working against its renewal program.

Printed merchandise expressing concern at a time when the ANC is faced with serious financial challenges is on its own worrying.

We plead with our members to constructively direct their energies towards the rebuilding of our movement and consolidation of public trust.

The ANC has on countless occasions expressed its commitment to resolving candidate disputes across the country following the 2021 local government elections.

The ANC has placed it on record that should it be found that there where instances of manipulation on candidate selection such will be reversed and appropriate action taken against those implicated.

The ANC is currently seized with delicate coalition talks and urges all its members throughout the country to exercise restrain during this period.

Those that are found to be  deliberately acting against the unity of the ANC and outside its own internal processes will be subjected to disciplinary measures as provided for in the ANC constitution.

The renewal program as well as the desire to serve and work better in our communities requires the
overall unity of members of the ANC across all levels.



Pule Mabe
National Spokesperson
071 623 4975