South African’s National Liberation Movement

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National Elections Manifesto

Why Vote ANC?

1 May 1999


… the ANC, together with the people, brought freedom

The ANC led the fight for freedom, acting together with its alliance partners and the great majority of South Africans. With the overwhelming support of the people, the ANC defeated apartheid in April 1994, so together we could build a better life for all. A nation of equals, of proud citizens with a restored dignity, is emerging.

…the ANC has led five years of struggle for change

Since 1994, the ANC has been leading a vast process of change. Against the odds, faced with challenges and resistance, the ANC has remained resolute in the struggle to remove the apartheid system and what remains of its practices. Guided by the Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP), we have brought water, electricity and telephone lines to millions of South Africans. Houses are being built. Health and education are being made available to all.

…there is more to be done

It is not enough for us to have the vote. It is not enough for equality to be written in the constitution and laws. The fight for change has to continue, and it must be speeded up to ensure a better life for all. There are huge difficulties that we must address: inequality, lack of jobs, crime and corruption, poverty and the HIV/AIDS problem. Only the ANC has the vision and determination to attack the root causes of these and other problems.
Only the ANC, working together with the people, can unite the nation in the joint effort to improve the lives of all South Africans.