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Today we are here to conduct an inspection and a state of readiness assessment for our Manifesto Review and Report back program which will take place in Dobsonville on Sunday.

This review and report back program aims to engage with communities and assess the ANC’s performance since the 2019 elections. It is an accountability driven process.

This process is in line with the principles of the Freedom Charter, which upholds that the “The People Shall Govern.”

The manifesto review as a report back to our people on their electoral mandate to the ANC aims to achieve several objectives amongst which is to demonstrate the ANC’s commitment to participatory democracy and community engagement.

The review and report back to our people also aims to rebuild trust between the ANC and society by holding the liberation movement accountable and addressing critical issues affecting our people.

Critical amongst this are service delivery issues such as potholes, incorrect billing, high water and electricity rates, and the fight against poverty and job creation.

The ANC is committed to reflecting on any outstanding development backlogs and addressing its challenges honestly and openly.

The liberation movement recognizes the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the global economy, as well as the

issues of corruption and load shedding. It is committed to addressing these challenges and accelerating service delivery to create jobs.

The manifesto review allows the ANC to re-establish its connection with society and demonstrate its willingness to listen to criticism and feedback. By doing so, we hope to improve our performance, refresh our mandate, and continue to work towards the betterment of the people we serve. The ANC remains the parliament of the people and this assertion is corroborated by how we arrive at our elections manifesto priorities as well as this very important exercise on reporting back on the mandate you bestowed on the revolutionary movement.

As articulated in the 55th Conference declaration, the ANC is primarily about building a better life for all South Africans and a democracy with South African characteristics wherein the state is accountable and capable of improving the quality of life of citizens. We believe the ANC strived to achieve these goals at both the national and provincial spheres of government where we govern, not-withstanding several challenges.

In essence, when the ANC subjects itself to this process, it is in fulfilment of the contract with the people, as a servant of the people and a recommitment to developing and deepening democracy into a truly people-oriented, people-centred and participatory democracy.

The Manifesto Review and Report Session will be rolled out to Provinces as follows:

1. Eastern Cape : Issac woolfson Stadium kwaZakhele Gqeberha 16 September

2. Free State : Welkom Thabang Township 9 September 3. Mpumalanga: Witbank Stadium 16 September
4. KwaZulu Natal: King Zwelithini Stadium, 8 October
5. Limpopo: Giyani Stadium 16 September

6. North West : Maruleng Stadium 23 September

7. Northern Cape : Kimberly Northern Cape Theatre 16 September

8. Western Cape : Khayelitsha stadium-16 September


On Monday 28 August 2023 the National Working Committee (NWC) of the African National Congress (ANC) met to consider matters of national interest, organisational issues as well as matters in the global environment.

On matters of national interest, the NWC considered matters of socioeconomic impact on the lives of our people.

Crime and safety

The NWC is concerned about the recent statistics released by Statistics South Africa (“StatsSA”), which indicate an increase in household crimes such as housebreaking, home robbery, and theft of motor vehicles compared to the previous year.

On the other hand, individual crimes, excluding consumer fraud and hijacking of motor vehicles, decreased in 2022/23.

The Governance, Public Safety, and Justice Survey 2022/23 also revealed a worrying trend: just under 1% of adults aged 16 years and above feel safe walking alone in their neighbourhoods during the day. Urgent attention is required to ensure the safety and security of all citizens.

On a positive note, Operation Shanela by the South African Police Services has been highly effective and has now been rolled out to other provinces. The focus on high-density operations has yielded undeniable results, with increased police visibility leading to the arrest of 109,540 suspects.

Regular roadblocks, tracing of wanted suspects, searches at premises, cordons and searches at problematic hostels, unlicensed liquor premises, and compliance inspections at licensed liquor outlets, second-hand goods dealers, scrapyards, and informal businesses such as spaza shops are some of the initiatives that have been conducted to ensure compliance with labour laws. Compliance visits at mines and farming areas have also been conducted.

Just last week, between August 14 and 20, 9,656 suspects were arrested for various crimes. Since May 8, 1,550 illegal and unlicensed firearms have been recovered, and the recoveries to date are impressive: 744 stolen or hijacked vehicles, 129,499 kilograms of copper cables, and 374,138 counterfeit goods.

The arrests are equally impressive, with 13,603 wanted suspects for murder, rape, and other crimes being apprehended, 10,645 illegal immigrants being arrested, and 1,512 suspects being arrested for murder.

1,090 Attempted murder suspects were arrested , while 1,694 suspects were arrested for rape. Additionally, 4,129 suspects were apprehended for dealing drugs, 8,051 for being in possession of drugs, and 433 car hijackers suspects were arrested.

These operations, coupled with the prosecution of kingpins behind the crimes, will undoubtedly help restore peace and stability to our communities. The NWC is encouraged to see initiatives to strengthen and capacitate the National Prosecuting Authority through the National Prosecuting Authority Amendment Bill taking shape.

We encourage all ANC structures to provide substantive comments once the bill is tabled in parliament. Strengthening law enforcement agencies to deal with corruption and white-collar crime effectively is a fundamental pillar of our renewal program.

Cost of living

The NWC welcomed the decline the Consumer Price Inflation:

The StatsSA announced that annual consumer price inflation was 4,7% in July 2023, down from 5,4% in June 2023. The CPI increased by 0,9% month-on-month in July 2023. This is the lowest in two years.

The main contributors to the 4,7% annual inflation rate were:

i. food and non-alcoholic beverages (increased by 9,9% year-on-year and contributed 1,7 percentage points);

ii. housing and utilities (increased by 5,1% year- on-year and contributed 1,2 percentage points).

With regards to Interest Rates, the NWC noted that the decline in inflation has reinforced calls for stabilisation and reduction of interest rates.

Addressing the Electricity Crisis

The NWC received a report on Eskom’s issues and nopted concerns about privatisation due to misinformation surrounding the unbundling of Eskom into three public company utilities.

The NWC wants to make it clear that all three utilities will be 100% owned by the State, with the Generation utility competing against other producers in producing and selling power at competitive prices.

The Transmission utility will enable competitive wheeling of electricity for all producers, including public and private companies.

This restructuring will systematically address power production constraints in South Africa, resulting in more independent power producers having equitable access to the transmission of their power production.

All three utilities will be governed by the Labour Relations Act, the Companies Act, and the PFMA to ensure workers’ interests are not negatively affected. These measures are designed to benefit all stakeholders and promote a more efficient and equitable energy sector.

Global Environment

BRICS Summit

The NWC reflected on the recent BRICS Summit successfully hosted in South Africa from the 22nd to the 24th August 2023.

The NWC overwhelmingly commended the President for the positive impact from hosting BRICS in South Africa.

It was noted that the huge positive impact was achieved against the backdrop of doomsayers, some of whom sought to defocus us through the possible attendance by President Putin of Russia whilst simultaneously indicted by the International Criminal Court whose statutes we have ratified as South Africa.

The NWC further commended President Ramaphosa for spearheading a diplomatic solution of the impasse on the possible attendance of the BRICS Summit by President Putin.

The NWC noted that whilst our posture as the ANC and as a country is that BRICS is not competing against the G7, there is however widespread comparison in the domain of public discourse.

The NWC re-iterated the stance that BRICS is the shifting of the international balance of power in favour of multilateralism. It is a pursuit of progressive internationalism as an antithesis of the dominant era of a unipolar world characterised by unilateralism.

The NWC noted the important build up to the BRICS Summit, driven by the Secretary General’s Office on the BRICS Political Parties Plus Dialogue, which sought to consolidate a progressive agenda in the African continent and the world in general.

The NWC also welcomed the important milestone on the expansion of BRICS, of which members such as Russia acknowledged the pivotal diplomatic leadership by South Africa under the leadership of President Ramaphosa towards expansion of membership by an additional six countries.

The NWC also noted and commended the important bilateral meetings involving Brazil President Lula Da Silva and the ANC.

The ANC also had bi-lateral engagement Minister Sergey Lavarov of the Russian Federation as well as joining President Miguel Diaz-Canel at Freedom Park in honouring the contribution of Cuban heroes to the liberation of Southern Africa.

These engagements at level of party will give impetus to the 55th conference resolution which called upon the ANC to ensure that our pursuit of “Progressive Internationalism in a changing world” and attaining a Better Africa and a Better World, the international relations work of the ANC must be anchored by:

  • Building a Better Africa and World inclusive of peacebuilding, post-conflict reconstruction and development

  • Solidarity and Campaigns

  • Party-to-Party, Intra-Party and Multilateral Relations

  • Transformation of Global Governance


    The NWC expressed concern at the unfolding tensions in West Africa, in Niger and Burkina Faso.

    Noting that the AU has suspended Niger form all its activities whilst the tensions remain very complex. The NWC directed that the ANC must get closer engagement with those developments in pursuit of peace and furtherance of the African Unions Agenda 2063.

Zimbabwean Elections

The NWC welcomed the fact that citizens of Zimbabwe have exercised their democratic right to vote for their preferred President, National Assembly and Local government representatives.

It further noted that there were some challenges which may have constrained the elections as highlighted in the observations made by different observer missions especially the African Union (AU) and the South African Development Community (SEOM) Observer Missions.

Having noted this the NWC reiterates the ANC’s position for sanctions to be lifted against the people of Zimbabwe to enable economic development, and at the same time calls for a climate of peace, unity and political tolerance in Zimbabwe to prevail.


SGO VISIT TO KWAZULU-NATAL / courtesy visit to Isilo

The ANC successfully conducted its visit to KZN, the highlight of which was “ukotha iSilo”, that being the visit to His Majesty King Misuzulu ka Zwelithini of the Zulu Kingdom and meeting characterised by a warm welcome and cordial discussions.

NWC Visit to Gauteng

The NWC explained on the occasion of its visit to the province of Gauteng, why it did not contest the verdict that put aside the outcome of the Ekurhuleni Regional Conference, which was on the strength of legal advice. The legal advice stated that the ANC was unlikely to win the case should the organisation decide to appeal the judgment.

The NWC emphasised that the appointment of the RTT should lead to a re-convening of the Regional Conference and avoid repeating the mistakes of the past.


The NWC re-iterated the NEC decision to refer all comrades named in the Report on State Capture who have not presented themselves to the IC, to the National Disciplinary Committee to determine amongst others reasons why the Member has not availed his/herself to the Integrity Commission in terms of the directive by the NEC, and to determine amongst others the appropriate steps based on such reasons. This is a practical demonstration that the ANC is keen on the implementation of the Zondo Commission recommendations as part of our organisational renewal.

The Leagues of the ANC

The NWC noted that all the Conferences / Congress of the Leagues were successfully convened. It was re-iterated that the leagues are autonomous and therefore must run their own affairs. And that their decisions are final to the extent that they relate to their own lower structures.

Coalitions Politics

The NWC reiterated that the ANC is still committed to the process arising from the National Dialogue on the Coalition Framework, which Deputy President Paul Mashatile hosted. However, the ANC’s focus primarily on achieving an outright electoral victory in the upcoming 2024 National General Elections.

The ANC recognizes the need to improve its service delivery, which has been hindered by coalitions that have failed to work. Unfortunately, instead of prioritizing local government service delivery, the political opposition attempts to consolidate the Moonshot Pact, which is essentially an unprincipled front against the ANC.

Assessment of Public Representatives

The process of review on the 513 ANC public representatives of the 6th administration, in Parliament, NCOP and Provincial Legislatures is on track.

Organising and Membership

The NWC remains committed to strengthening the organisation as part of the renewal programme. Amongst urgent tasks in this regard is robustly upgrading the membership system.

The ANC Alliance

Amongst the key issues that the Alliance Secretariat considered in its recent meeting where the following agenda items:

(a) Briefing on 2024 Elections Campaign;

(b) ANC 2019 Election Manifesto Implementation Review and 30 Years of Democracy Review;

(c) Briefing: Candidate Selection Process for 2024 Elections; (d) Preparations for Alliance Political Council;
(e) Municipal Systems Act Amendment;
(f) Current challenges facing municipal workers;

(g) The readmission of SANCO to Alliance activities.

During the NWC meeting, it was brought to attention that the recently held Alliance meeting pledged to prioritise regular and in-person Secretariate meetings. These meetings aim to address matters that will contribute to advancing and

accelerating the National Democratic Revolution. SANCO rejoining the Alliance was also discussed, as it will aid in mobilising the civic movement for progressive change.

Additionally, the NWC found it deplorable that the official opposition leader is fixated on peddling misinformation about organisations within the Mass democratic movement, most notably the false allegations regarding SANCO’s affiliation with the Moonshot Pact.

Integrity Commission meeting with ANC PEC’s

At the request of the Integrity Commission, and as reported to the last NEC, the SGO will convene a meeting between the Integrity Commission and Provincial Executive Committees and Integrity Commissions to explain the Integrity Commission’s mandate and terms of reference and to promote consistency and uniformity.


The NWC recalled that the 55th National Conference resolved that the ANC renewal process should be led by the President and that the SG should be the co-ordinator.

In addition, it was emphasized by the NWC that the participation of the former Presidents, President Thabo Mbeki and President Jacob Zuma, is crucial. The NWC stressed the significance of consistently involving the former Presidents in a diverse range of political matters.

Accordingly, the NWC will propose to the NEC that the Renewal Commission be composed as follows:

1) President Cyril Ramaphosa (Chairperson) 2) SG Fikile Mbalula (Coordinator)
3) Thoko Didiza
4) Febe Potgieter
5) Dinah Pule
6) Mdu Manana
7) David Makhura
8) Joel Netshitenzhe
9) Baby Tyawa
10) Thenjiwe Mtintso
11) Zuko Godlimpi
12) Mahlengi Bhengu


With heavy hearts the NWC paid tribute to our dear comrades Farooq Meer, Kallie Hanekom, Mfanelo Ndlela, Thembi Mmoko, and Mabhungu Mkhize. We offer our deepest and most heartfelt condolences to their families and loved ones during this difficult time. Their contributions to our revolutionary cause will never be forgotten.

It is with great sadness that we express our condolences for the tragic loss of life resulting from the fire in a building in Johannesburg this morning. We urge the authorities to conduct a thorough investigation into the cause of this tragedy to prevent such incidents from happening in the future. The safety of inner-city buildings, including those that are illegally occupied, should be a top priority for the City of Johannesburg.

We call upon law enforcement agencies to ensure that those responsible for this tragedy are brought to justice. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of the victims, and we wish a speedy recovery to those who were injured. We urge our Johannesburg structures to work with government agencies and NGOs to assist those in need during this difficult time.




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