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Statement by ANC Secretary General, Comrade Fikile Mbalula, on the latest Political Developments

We have called this media briefing to update the nation and our membership on current political developments and issues that have recently generated public interest.

On public utterances by veterans of the ANC

We call upon the veterans of the ANC to stop de-campaigning the ANC and work through the structures of the organisation. The leadership of the ANC from its President Cyril Ramaphosa and all of us have availed ourselves of counsel and direction by veterans and stalwarts.

The ANC has an open-door policy and internal communication systems. De-campaigning the ANC has serious implications. The leadership of the ANC will address all affecting the organisation, its renewal and unity. The ANC is committed towards the fulfilment of the 55th Conference resolutions on renewal and unity of the movement, including discipline.

This includes ethical leadership, strict candidate selection criteria and the implementation of the work of the Integrity Commission. We therefore call on all our veterans to desist from attacking the ANC in public. There are systems and avenues available to address any matter that affects the life of the organisation.

The NEC will consider and deliberate on all matters referred to it by the Integrity Commission. The ANC will not veer from this commitment.

Rand manipulation

The ANC’s National Working Committee (NWC) has thoroughly reviewed the comprehensive report from the Economic Transformation Sub-Committee concerning manipulating the rand. The NWC has resolved that this report should be presented at the forthcoming meeting of the National Executive Committee (NEC) to enable a detailed analysis of the repercussions of this manipulation on the most vulnerable segments of our society.

The ANC reiterates its call for law enforcement agencies to act decisively and expediently in bringing criminal charges against those individuals and banking institutions implicated in manipulating the rand. This egregious act against the South African populace cannot be left unpunished. The people of South Africa rightfully demand and deserve justice. We insist on accountability from those who have willfully compromised our economy for their gains.

The rand manipulation was a crime of corruption, and we must call things by their first names. Corruption in the private sector is still corruption, and its consequences are just as severe.

Furthermore, we assert that the directors and executives of these banks should face prosecution in their individual capacities, being held personally responsible for the detriment they have inflicted upon our economy. This act is nothing short of a crime against the South African people. We maintain that the R43 million settlement offer proposed by Standard Chartered pales in comparison to the damage wrought upon our economy. The full extent of this criminal manipulation of our currency, particularly its impact on the poorest among us, is yet to be fully realised and acknowledged.

The ANC has also taken note of the public statements made by various banks, proclaiming their innocence or guilt in this matter. We urge these institutions to engage through official channels to address these matters appropriately and transparently.

We commend the Competition Commission for their diligent investigation into this matter. Their work is integral in unravelling the complexities of this economic malfeasance and ensuring that justice is served for the people of South Africa.

Ezulweni matter

Following numerous misrepresentations and conjectures by various media outlets regarding the legal dispute between the ANC and Ezulweni (Pty) Ltd, it is imperative to

clarify the actual state of affairs in this matter. Initially, I will provide background and context to the genesis of this issue before summarising our current position.

During the 2019 General Elections campaign, I was appointed the Head of the ANC’s Elections campaign. My responsibilities included overseeing various aspects of the campaign, including procuring election materials. Contrary to some claims, we engaged a different firm, not Ezulweni, for our election campaign.

In 2020, Ezulweni initiated legal proceedings against us in the High Court of Johannesburg, claiming payment for materials used in the 2019 elections, including banners. As the Head of the Elections campaign then, the Treasurer General (TG) and I, Mr Paul Mashatile, had complete oversight of contracts and approvals for election materials. We dealt with and were approached by Ezulweni to provide such materials.

The alleged debt to Ezulweni was surprising, given our lack of engagement with them. Upon learning of this supposed debt, we initiated an investigation to understand its origins. It emerged that two junior staff members, without authorisation from either myself or the TG, had been dealing with Ezulweni. The ANC leadership did not sanction these interactions.

To delve deeper, we commissioned a forensic investigation by the esteemed ENS (Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs Forensics). The investigation, completed early in 2023, revealed criminality and corruption between Ezulweni and the unauthorised staff members. Based on these findings, we sought to introduce the forensic report as evidence in the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA). However, the SCA dismissed this aspect

of the appeal, thus rejecting the entire appeal. We are now taking this matter to the Constitutional Court, hoping they will accept the forensic report into evidence at this late stage.

The report provides incontrovertible evidence of Ezulweni offering substantial bribes to the two staff members. These individuals, in turn, forged documents presented to Ezulweni, falsely indicating that the ANC had engaged in their services. There is no evidence to suggest that Ezulweni was responsible for erecting posters and banners for the ANC during this period. If they did, it was under fraudulent pretences.

In summary, we hope the Constitutional Court will consider these facts. This issue is significant for the ANC and of national importance, given the public interest it has garnered.

Comrades and supporters of the African National Congress (ANC) remain steadfast in addressing the Ezulweni matter. We urge each member and supporter to stay united during these challenging times. Our unwavering trust in the judicial system, especially the Constitutional Court, has led to a strategic pause in the writ of execution, demonstrating our confidence in fair judicial outcomes.

We stand together against those attempting to manipulate this issue for political gain. Upholding the principles of good governance inspired by leaders like Chief Luthuli and Winnie Mandela, we have actively pursued those implicated in our internal forensic investigation. Our commitment is to the judicial process rather than engaging in unproductive public spats.

Financially, the ANC is robust and resilient. We assure our members of our stable financial standing, ensuring our capacity to meet obligations and sustain daily operations.

Our focus is firmly on eliminating procurement irregularities, fraud, and corruption. With an unwavering dedication to transparency and accountability, our thorough investigation aims to maintain the integrity of the ANC and the trust vested in us.

Fear and doubt have no place among us. The ANC, Africa’s oldest revolutionary movement, enriched by the legacy of fearless soldiers like Solomon Mahlangu and leader Lilian Ngoyi, stands unshaken. Brave and steadfast, we continue to advance in unity and strength.

In other words, we fear fokol. I can put my head on the block, and no one will liquidate the ANC. As the ANC, we are not going to an AI-generated eZulweni.

ANC meets with various leaders from Palestine

The ANC delegation, under the leadership of Secretary General Comrade Fikile Mbalula, recently held a significant meeting with a range of Palestinian leaders. The gathering, including the SACP delegation led by its General Secretary Comrade Solly Mapaila, saw representatives from various Palestinian organisations, including the Fatah Movement, Hamas Movement, Islamic Jihad Movement in Lebanon, and others.

As the ANC, we were privileged to welcome these leaders of liberation on a poignant day marking the 10th anniversary of the passing of our revered liberation icon, President Nelson Mandela. His enduring words remind us of our duty to actively support the cause of freedom and justice.

This principle guides our unwavering support for the liberation and self-determination of Palestine as a matter of social justice.

The Palestinian leaders provided an alarming account of the ongoing genocide against their people, highlighting over seven decades of occupation, racial discrimination, violence, unlawful detentions, and systematic oppression. The relentless assault on innocent lives, including women and children, and the targeted destruction of essential infrastructure paints a grim picture of humanity.

In response, the ANC and the Palestinian delegation concurred on several critical actions, including calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, the opening of borders for humanitarian aid, the release of all Palestinian political prisoners, and the cessation of occupation.

We stressed the right to self-determination for the Palestinian people, their right to resist, and the need for global solidarity in isolating apartheid practices in Israel. We also urged the United States of America and Western countries to withdraw their support from such oppressive regimes.

The meeting underscored the paramount importance of unity among Palestinian organisations, such as the Fatah movement and Hamas, in their collective struggle against occupation and for self-determination.

Echoing the sentiment of President Mandela, the ANC reaffirms its commitment to the belief that our freedom is inextricably linked to the freedom of the Palestinian people.




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