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Media Statement

The African National Congress (ANC) mourns the passing on of the Esteemed Dr. Peter Magubane.

The African National Congress (ANC) is deeply saddened by the passing on of Dr. Peter Magubane, an iconic figure whose life was intertwined with the difficult struggle for freedom and justice in South Africa.

As a renowned veteran photo-journalist and passionate anti-apartheid activist, Dr. Magubane’s lens captured and documented the raw emotions, stories and pivotal moments that defined our nation’s history. His photographic legacy is etched in the collective memory of South Africans, vividly depicting the indomitable spirit of the people during the historic 1976 Soweto uprising.

Dr Magubane’s journey continued alongside President Nelson Mandela, becoming the official photographer after Mandela’s release from prison in the early 1990s. Through his lens, not only did he document historical moments but would convey resilience, hope, and determination by a people marching towards the path of freedom.

In celebrating Dr Peter Magubane’s life, we acknowledge his invaluable contributions to the struggle against the crime of apartheid and recognise him as a struggle stalwart in his own right. His artistic commitment to justice and his ability to capture the essence of historical moments makes him an enduring symbol of our nation’s resilience.

The ANC extends its deepest condolences to the Magubane family during this moment of grief. We share in the loss of a remarkable individual whose life’s work will forever inspire current and future generations. May Dr. Peter Magubane rest in eternal peace, knowing that his legacy is woven into the fabric of our nation’s journey towards a just and democratic South Africa. Rest in peace Dr. Peter Magubane.




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