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Media Statement


The ANC has taken note of a le?er sent by the DemocraCc Alliance to the Secretary of State of the United States of America and other foreign affairs ministers in Europe. As we understand it this a second le?er with the first being sent under the auspices of a mulC- party banner.

In this le?er, the DemocraCc Alliance essenCally offers South Africa’s sovereignty on a silver pla?er by requesCng that “partners in democracy to engage with consequence in the run up to the elecCons”.

President Cyril Ramaphosa’s warning at our recent lekgotla has come to pass where he said “We are conscious of the fact that there will be systemaCc fight-back campaign.
There can be li?le doubt that these forces will do all in their power to prevent South Africa from concluding its case on the merits of the ma?er, in the ICJ. The fight-back may also focus on our own domesCc poliCcs and our electoral outcomes in order to pursue a regime- change agenda. Comrades we need to be absolutely vigilant and resolute!”

SecCon 84(3)(b)(i) of the Electoral Act makes it clear that elecCon observers must conduct themselves “imparCally and independently of any poliCcal party or candidate contesCng

[the] elecCon”. It is thus outrageous that South African poliCcal parCes are appealing to foreign governments to interfere in our electoral processes, including through funding of so-called “voter educaCon” acCviCes.

This plea is a clear a?empt to bring about a regime change, disguised in opportunisCc language. South Africa’s sovereignty is not up for sale to any country, whether it be from the East or the West. The ANC-led government engages with governments around the world based on the principles of Peace and Friendship, rooted in the spirit of Ubuntu and a respect for the sovereignty of all naCons.

It was the ANC that fought for democracy and brought about our ConsCtuConal democracy with all its defining characterisCcs. As early as 1991, in our ConsCtuConal Principles for a DemocraCc South Africa, we stated that “the government must be democraCc in the universally accepted meaning of the term. It must be the government of the people, by the people, for the people. It must be chosen by the people through free, fair, and regular elecCons. It must be removable if it loses the confidence of the voters. ElecCons must be based on the principle of universal and equal suffrage, with a common voters roll that does not discriminate based on race, language, creed, class, social posiCon, birth, or gender.”

We have never wavered from these principles. Our Independent Electoral Commission is highly regarded worldwide for conducCng credible elecCons. As per usual pracCce in democraCc South Africa the IEC has invites over 120 internaConal organisaCons, regional and conCnental organisaCons such as AU SADC amongst others.

The noCon that an African country’s elecCons are only considered credible when observed by Europeans or Americans is a clear example of paternalisCc imperialism. Despite our impeccable track record of running free and fair elecCons in South Africa, we have never sought to comment on the elecCons in the West, even when their own ciCzens quesCon the credibility of their electoral processes.

We respect the right of the ciCzens of those naCons to address their internal challenges whether it’s an insurrecCon led by an outgoing President or whether it is repeCCve concerns about gerrymandering.

The DA reacConary and inhumane agenda knows no limits. It is li?le surprise that its leader said “one man’s genocide is another’s man’s freedom” when asked about the genocidal acCons of Israel in PalesCne. It is beyond a coincidence that the very same naCon which conCnues to arm Israel in pursuit of its genocidal agenda and blocks pleas for a cease fire at the United NaCons Security Council is now being called upon to “oversee” our elecCons.

The ANC condemns in the strongest terms the DAs and its moonshot anC-transformaCon alliance sale of our sovereignty.

The ANC firmly believes in the principle of self-determinaCon and the right of every naCon to choose its own path and leadership. We reject any a?empts to undermine the sovereignty of South Africa or any other African naCon. Our efforts to transform our country and usher in a be?er life for has had many challenges but these aren’t insurmountable. Sustaining and building a society that meets the full aspiraCons of our ConsCtuCon is work in progress that is constantly evolving and improving.

We welcome construcCve engagement and dialogue with all poliCcal parCes, both domesCcally and internaConally, but we will not tolerate any a?empts to undermine our democraCc processes or manipulate our elecCons. The ANC remains commi?ed to upholding the values of democracy, equality, and jusCce that are enshrined in our ConsCtuCon.

We call on the DemocraCc Alliance and all other poliCcal parCes to respect the sovereignty of South Africa and to engage in a construcCve and respeceul manner. We believe that the future of our country should be determined by the will of the South African people, not by external interference or hidden agendas.

The ANC will conCnue to work Crelessly to build a united, prosperous, and inclusive South Africa, where all ciCzens have equal opportuniCes and rights. We will not neglect our pursuit of a mulC-polar world, a be?er Africa and be?er world. There are no consequences for Ubuntu.

We remain commi?ed to the principles of democracy and will defend our sovereignty against any a?empts to undermine it.



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